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Sony A7S Hands-on Review

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The Sony A7S (http://bit.ly/Sonya7s) is a full frame mirror-less camera that shoots photos and 4K videos in low light. But is this the high-end DSLR killer? We find …


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  1. so many people here whom really feels the need to give their version of why mirrorless is "better" 

    fine sure, if it fits your need it is fine. but for the love of anything that is holy get off my ass, i LOVE my DSLR i don't want one of these battery eating cameras, it is already much recharging 3 batteries.

    i wont be changing from my dslr just because some "professionals" sais they are "better", i like the viewfinder, i like the better battery, i like the grip and the weight of it, i wont be changing just because some of you have to justify their need of mirrorless.

  2. LOL "the camera that deserves the S."  Right, because something that weighs 1/3rd as much, is 1/4 of the size and 1/3 of the price does not deserve the S.  The SLR bias is strong with Kai.

  3. Hi PErsonally love the fact we can shoot full frame and croped at S35.  shoot in 2k or 4k with the Shogun.  I like the fact that I can Use my E mount cin primes and my nikon glaas in FF with limited crop value.  Love the low light capability.  Now we will test it with AF wide angle lenses for Gimbals and jib/crane operations for focus response.  Full frame has to be focused precisely as with the F3 we use.  But hey that is cinematic shooting.  GH4 will probably be a bit more forgiving in the focus arena but will lack pushing the DOF which we want with S35 and FF.  A7S may not be perfect but beat buying the heavier F55 at 10 times the price.  Oh and if you are a still photographer don't look at this camera that is not what it is intended to be.  Buy a DSLR intended for still photography that is capable to shoot video.  The A7S is intended for cinematic work that is capable to shoot stills.  Big difference 

  4. Love ur video haha can u Do a comparison video with a7s, 5d mark iii, gh4 and a nikon camera… whr you compare them on how they perform taking pictures and video

  5. I'm curious what happens when you use the Minolta Rokkor 1.2  on the A7s, coz if it already has outstanding ISO Low Light Capabilities,s what happens when you group that with an extremely fast and superior optics all glass and metal, lens.

    anyone tried it yet?

    – Courtesy

  6. I feel like Sony might take the market in a near future. They have an edge in technology, it just need more MP, lens and other little improvements. They may outclass the big brands and have a better product in the next iterations.

  7. Could someone please tell me if there are any import charges etc on this camera when purchasing to the UK from the DigitalRev website? It is £1,459.00 at the moment on their website, which is considerably cheaper everywhere I have seen. If so, how much would the extra costs be? Thank you!

  8. Personnally I use A7s for still photography and I found that 12mpx is enough resolution you need for print except if you want to print huge posters… The quality is insane and for candid street shot the silent shuter is amazing. For low light photos and not shot it's probably the best camera of the market for still and video. Check out some samples of my photos on my gallery if you want to make a choice https://www.flickr.com/photos/peterferry/

  9. Worst camera reviewers on YouTube. I'm upset that I even contributed a view. You spend more than 3/4 of the video dicking around making lame jokes with your friends. When you do talk about the camera, all you ramble about is how this is the same camera as the A7r. But do you give an overview of that camera's specs? Naw, you just refer us to another of your shitty videos so you can make more money. Fuck you and your hackfraud channel.

  10. That is the size full frame cameras should be, 35mm was meant to be a lightweight, run and gun format for jounrno's. It is my hope that all or most 35mm cameras are around this size, and medium format cameras, become more mainstream, and end up around the size of say a D810. For me this is about the right size, take the mf camera for landscape or shots that are set up and planned, can take the little guy, around the streets to photograph, the random happenings.

  11. Hi, how comes my Sony A7s record setting is only offering 2 opitions. They are; 50p 50M, 25p 50M and 100p 50M. How am i able to get your settings that you got ont he video? I must be doing something wrong but can't work it out. Thanks

  12. I bought my SONY A7s to start shooting short films without the hassle of set lights. I shoot all natural light, and with the A7s it turns out absolutely gorgeous every single time. I shot a short in almost sheer darkness, with very little light, and its all beautiful. Here's the link if anyone wants to see the results:

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