Home Photography Sony a7R IV: 61 MP DESTROYS Canon & Nikon!

Sony a7R IV: 61 MP DESTROYS Canon & Nikon!

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We have a hands-on preview of the new 61 megapixel Sony a7R IV (http://sdp.io/a7R4). Our favorite feature – the DRAMATICALLY improved grip and buttons.


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  1. What I absolutely love about this camera is the crop mode with 26mpx When you combine your 24mm 1.4 equals 36mm in crop, and a 85mm 1.4 equals 127mm crop mode or the 135 1.8 equals 202mm this is by far my most lover feature. Instantly a bigger buffer and more space on your memorycard/ hardrives. And at the same time I don’t need my big and heavy zooms like the 24-70 and 70-200gm. The primes are faster and let in more light!😊

  2. Although better, the ergonomics of the Sony camera's is still a deal breaker for me and I don't care if you don't agree with me. I'm the first to admit that Sony camera's can be enticing and I have held and tested most of them. However I can't stand the way they feel in my hands, probably because I have always used a Nikon or Canon pro body since 1999 with the Nikon D1 camera. Small camera's to me are like a D750 or 7D Mark II, not a Sony a7 III. It's nice to see that Sony increased the size of the hand grip and made it deeper. I still though don't think I could bring myself to buy one and or switch. I will just be patient and wait for Nikon or Canon to release a pro-sized and pro-spec camera and until than I will remain happy with my still excellent D4S bodies and D810 backup.

  3. My only BIG question for this camera is: Like the Canon EOS 5DS R, is this camera WEATHERPROOF? Tony/Chelsea if you could answer this question, I'll consider buying this instead of the hefty Canon

  4. He guys hello. Can you test the wifi speed for tethering on the A7RIV. It is really fast as they claim or we have to keep using tethering cables putting on risk our very expensive equipment. thanks. great channel !!

  5. I was a SONY user since 2013… Canon and Nikon boys Bullying me before… Now i got the A7riii and A9 im craving The A7R4…. Were are you Canon and Nikon Bully's

  6. Mark Smith has been testing this camera with Wildlife and absolutely loves it. Says it's has 90 percent of Sony A9 auto focus abilities and ability to crop at 61mpx is stunning and the level of detail in his shots prove this out. Worth it

  7. Looking to move from a old Canon 7D. Stumped on the Sony a7R IV or the D850. What would you suggest for someone picking back up photography who takes landscape, wildlife, and some sports?

  8. Thank you for the amazing review I’ve been waiting eight years doing Photographer been waiting for a Camera a DSLR it fits everything I’ve been looking for thank you

  9. I don't get it. A 16-24mp camera with good glass is all most people need. Save your money and buy some good primes for the camera you already have

  10. Chelsea so its late November hows the switch to sony going I heard there are a few things ur struggling with. Trending there are changes happening quite a few well know YouTuber photographers (Manny Ortiz) a long time sony shooter are switching to canon since the latest firmware upgrade on the EOS R. What is your opinion on that

  11. Oh, I thought you were going to actually, you know, test these cameras? 61 megapixels on paper is meaningless without the lenses to resolve it. Bet you anything if you take that a7Riv with the 24-70 f/2.8 GM and put it up against the EOS R with the amazing RF 28-70 f/2, the R produces sharper and more detailed photos despite having 31 less megapixels. The RF 28-70 is tack sharp, even out to the corners at every focal length even wide open. Lets see that test.

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