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Sony a7R III Training Tutorial

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OTHER TUTORIALS AT http://sdp.io/tutorial. Our free 1-hour video user guide for the Sony a7R III (http://sdp.io/a7r3). Be sure to repeat everything in this …


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  1. Hi Tony, hoping you can help shed some light on an issue I am having. I have an a7r iii and I have the Flashpoint (godox) Ad600pro lights and the R2 Pro-S transmitter, but the camera will only fire the flash in TTL mode. I have tried some "dumb" triggers for older simpler strobes I have, and some canon Speedlites and the camera does not allow them to fire either. All of these work on my Panasonic's and my Fuji. The Sony should fire a strobe or speedlite set to manual mode, shouldn't it?

  2. Thanks for putting the time for this awesome tutorial Tony. Just switched from Nikon to Sony full frame and am extremely happy with it. Can't wait to start my lens collection soon.

  3. Been doing photography for 2 years now, and bought my first full frame (the a7iii). Not only was your tutorial super helpful to get to know the camera better, I actually learned quite some useful stuff! Thanks Tony!

  4. Hey can anyone tell me if it’s possible to set the back wheel to adjust the aperture. I’m coming from canon and my thumb automatically wants to use that wheel below the FN button

  5. Been away from photography a looong time (AE-1 anybody :)). Just got this with Tamron 28-75 and it's great, if a li'l overwhelming menu-wise. This vid. is a lifesaver. Great info/tips and easy to follow. Another great vid thanks guys.

  6. Excellent tutorial – simple to follow, signposts, menu demos, pace is just right, comprehensive – in short, extremely helpful to get me started with my new 7iii. THANK YOU so much for the lucid guide. One request, would help if you could have small 3-5 minute videos to demo some settings similar to the one you have for the back button focus, which was super helpful to get the practical application.

  7. After 1+ hours of watching the video, in the end, I noticed myself tilting my head a little towards my right all the way long whenever the camera settings are seen on the display, since the filming was done from that direction…

    Anyway, This video is all what someone needs as a beginner, thanks for that and…
    Five stars except for the pain in the neck 🤣🤣

  8. Tony thanks for an awesome video. You took an hour plus and help others with their camera. I appreciate that.

    I was just wondering if you can do an updated lightroom video. I need to learn lightroom. Are your courses update?

  9. OTHER TUTORIALS AT http://sdp.io/tutorial.

    Our free 1-hour video user guide for the Sony a7R III (http://sdp.io/a7r3). Be sure to repeat everything in this overview training video with your own camera so you can learn as you watch. There's a table of contents below so you can skip around as needed. Remember to SUBSCRIBE!

    #1 book with 14+ HOURS of video at Amazon: http://help.tc/s
    Worldwide use 10% off coupon 'YouTube': http://sdp.io/sdpbook


    00:34 A7RIII Manual
    00:48 USB Charging
    01:18 Battery
    01:43 Memory Card Configuration
    05:08 Choosing Memory Cards
    05:57 You Saved My Butt
    06:00 Buy Cheap SD Cards
    06:44 Ports
    07:39 Taking a Picture
    09:02 Diopter
    09:44 Raw Compressed
    11:18 Back-Button Focus
    14:06 APS-C Super 35
    17:10 Focus Magnifier
    18:12 Reviewing A Picture
    19:25 Auto Review
    19:52 Rate Pictures
    21:01 Modes
    21:45 Bulb Mode
    22:36 Remote Shutter Trigger
    22:56 DOF Preview
    23:54 Books!
    25:18 Shutter Modes
    26:25 Continuous Shooting Length
    27:20 Focusing Modes
    28:24 Focus Points
    31:26 Manual Focus
    31:56 Changing ISO
    33:26 Exposure Compensation
    33:55 Bracketing
    35:07 Bracketing
    36:15 Self-Timer
    37:09 Timelapse
    40:00 Interval Timer
    40:28 e-Front Curtain Shutter
    42:02 Adapted Lenses
    43:26 Adapted Lens Recommendations
    44:23 Silent Shooting
    45:20 Copyright Info
    46:28 Format Card
    47:05 My Menu
    47:46 Video
    48:45 File Format
    50:00 Dual Cards
    50:28 Slow Motion
    51:08 Audio Levels
    51:52 Peaking Levels
    53:19 Zebras
    53:58 White Balance
    54:27 Metering Modes
    54:52 Custom Settings
    56:59 Pixel Shift
    59:14 Wi-Fi
    1:05:37 Bluetooth
    1:07:21 Recommended Settings
    1:07:27 No Beeps
    1:07:49 AF Illuminator
    1:08:23 Enable Monitor
    1:09:28 Function Menu
    1:10:18 Lens Suggestions
    1:12:17 Flash Suggestion
    1:14:15 Tripods
    1:14:41 Mobile

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