Home Photography Sony a7R III Review vs D850 (with raw files)!

Sony a7R III Review vs D850 (with raw files)!

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Raws at http://sdp.io/a7r3raw. Pre-order the a7R III on Amazon at http://help.tc/a7r3 or the D850 at http://help.tc/d850. Hands-on with the Sony a7R Mk III …


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  1. Hey Am puzzled and I knida need advice on choosing a camera from an experienced person. Am new to the camera industry but grew up in a home where everyone loved cameras . Now I want t buy my own camera for YouTube videos and photography not professionally but as a hobby. Should I get a canon 80D ,Sony alpha A7r ll or lll. Do you have any recommendations? Because I want something I will enjoy and use in the next 5 years or so.

  2. I have a question for you, I really like the photos and video and I would like to buy my first camera and I would like to buy the Sony a73 or a7r3 but I'm not sure if it would be good to make that investment for me to start taking pictures and video

  3. Been using the a7r iii for almost a year now. Overall it's a brilliant camera. Lately I've just been frustrated with the af while photographing wildlife. Too many lost opportunities when the just misses a little.

    A9 could prolly give me the keepers in these situations… just hard to go back from 42mp to 24mp.

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