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Sony a7 III vs THE WORLD

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Order the Sony a7 III at http://sdp.io/a73. TABLE OF CONTENTS: 0:30 Sony a7 III vs Sony a7 II (http://sdp.io/a7ii) 1:20 Sony a7 III vs Sony a7R II …


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  1. i really can't decide go with a99 II because I have 8 a mount lenses or sell them all and go with
    a7m3 and new lenses. The problem is my cz 24-70 f2.8 was £800 the g master 24-70 is £1500
    secondhand. I have a mount glasses from 15mm-400mm. If I sell them all I can buy maybe 3 good quality lens of they price. Them main reason I really want to go with a73 because the eye af better. sorry for my English

  2. I am looking to replace my eos 80d with sony a7iii. I will buy the g 25-105 too. Also extra z type batteries and a plug in a usa ac wall socket charger, if they even have one that just charges one battery at a time. Its ridiculous that one is not included, like canon does. Since I got here, via a link for the earlier camera in my tony northrupt buyers gude, kindle version, that i bought in december 2018, maybe?? you can give me a little advice??

  3. My plan is to get sony 24-105 g oss first, with a73 and in a year or less, the 100-400 for wildlife. Two zooms will work fine for my style shooting. I may add something for astrophography st some point

  4. m trying to shoot music videos for people and myself and short films some stills ect im looking for a camera but im stuck between gh5 vs gh5s vs sony a7iii vs nikon z6 vs ???????anything better than what i listed my budget is 3000 but for gimble and accessories etc. on credit not cash mind you cant buy used

  5. Nowadays there's the native E-mount Tamron 28-75/2.8 that seems to be on par with Sony's native lenses in both IQ and AF-performance (at least after the AF-patch of course), so the price of a pro-level entry has dropped to $2800 (2k for the a7III and 800 for the Tamron), rather than spending $2200 only for a GM24-70/2.8 lens.
    Tamron also announced a E-mount 2.8/17-28, so I guess at the end of the year there'll be excellent options from the very-wide to close-tele.
    You might have noticed the weird focal ranges of these Tamrons, but while they don't overlap (so you'll have to switch them two cross the 28mm barrier) they come at much lower size & weight, which is great! (especially if you like to shoot while hiking, and have to carry everything on your back)

  6. Very interesting video, Tony! I can almost relate, as I once tried the Panny G5 with their stellar Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 pancake, which did produce quite sharp and detailed images…EXCEPT when I attempted any poster printing. The relatively small m4/3 sensor simply could not hold the detail to my satisfaction when enlarged greatly. Thus, I ventured into the Fujifilm X-System (X-Pro2, X-T3, some stellar Fujinon XF lenses) and haven't looked back! I can now print super sharp and detail-rich 24×36" posters. That said, if I'd get "2X the image quality" with the Sony a7III, would I see a noticable difference in sharpness and detail in 24" x 36" prints??

  7. You overlooked a few important details.
    For instance:

    – The Canon EOS 6D II has an integrated GPS, which no other FF camera has.

    – The Fuji X-H -series / X-T-series have, indeed, much better controls with ONE EXCEPTION: the navigation buttons in the back (i.e., up, down, left, right and OK / Menu): Sony's Control Wheel is vastly superior (as is all full-frame Canon DSLRs').

    – The Fuji has a better quality, harder-wearing rubber skin than the laminated foam-like material of Sony's.

  8. I am interested in switching to Sony from Nikon and doing my research found that apparently some of sony a7iii users are having shutter issues when the actuation reaches 10k ~ 50K have had anyone complain to you about this issue?

  9. Heyy huge fan of your channel! you've definitely helped me grow as a photographer! I hope you could help me out or anyone viewing this really. Ive had a cropped sensor Nikon D7100 for a few years and want to upgrade to a full frame camera. torn between the a7iii and the rii . I take a lot of portraits but also shoot a few events. I'm tempted to get the Rii for the 42mp and high-resolution photos but the riii seems like an upgrade. i don't print all my photos are on social media if that makes a difference

  10. I really wanted the Sony a7 iii. I bought the Nikon d 750. I only had a 50 mm lens, but i was able to get the 85 mm 1.8, and the 28 mm 1.8. With my refurbished d750 for the price of the Sony. I'm happy with it.

  11. Nice comparison in general, Tony, but I take issue with the statement that the Sony (FF) offers "2X the image quality" of the Fuji (APS-C). As others have said, I don't think there's a linear relationship between image size (objective) and image quality (objective AND subjective), simply because there are so many other variables to factor into the "Image Quality" equation. Sensor size is but ONE variable. Additionally, I've seen other YouTube reviewers that compare image quality of the Sony a7III to the Fuji X-T3, for example, (in good light), and while some of the Sony images are indeed sharper and more detailed, the Fuji holds its own quite well, and in no way is "one half" as good as the Sony. Disclaimer: I use the Fuji X-System for landscape and product photography, and am able to produce quite sharp, detailed 24" x 36" poster prints. Admittedly, I too, have an interest in the Sony A7III, and with G or GM glass, to see how much of an improvement I would see in large prints, but I would be quite surprised if it was a 2X difference! All that said, I find the Fujinon XF80mm f/2.8 Macro to be the sharpest lens I've used in 40 years of photography!

  12. It's a bit misleading to say that the GM lenses are the be all and end all of sharpness. For example the 85mm f1.4 GM is a really sharp lens but DxO shows that the FE 85mm f1.8 is actually sharper. Even the Sigma and Samyang 85mm f1.4 lenses are of a comparable sharpness to the GM. Similarly the Sony 24-70mm f2.8 GM is similar in sharpness to the Tamron 28-75mm f2.8. There are certainly other advantages to the GM lenses such as autofocus and build but when it comes to pure resolution third party manufacturers have come a long way. Any of the lenses I've mentioned would feel quite at home on the new 60mp a7r IV.

  13. I really would love the Sony. The body is marvellous, its capabilities are outstanding. But I would never buy a fullformat just because the lenses. They are simply much to large and heavy for me, and are – especially in the case of Sony – very expensive if you want the quality that matches those of the camera.

    I really wonder, why those lenses are so large. The 36mm film cameras hat the same "sensor"-size, but those lenses where more in the size class of todays M43-lenses.

  14. The 6D Mark-2 is the reason that I switched to Sony Mirrorless…Two things I do like about the Canon 6D2: 1. touch focus and shoot capability 2. The tiny 270EX Mark-2 flash unit with HSS!

  15. Comparing the A7iii with the A7Riii. I have heard it said that the A7riii AF isn't quite as good as the A7iii. Is that correct? Now that the R3 is down to the $2500 price point I'm wondering if it would be a reasonable option for me. What is attractive to me is the higher resolution of the EVF but I am not sure I want to give up AF performance as a result. Thanks for your input.

  16. Tony(Anybody)do you recommend buying this camera at this point in time or waiting for the Sony A7IV? I’m coming from a Canon 80D and a working professional. I shoot mostly still images. Thanks!

  17. Tony, I like your take on comparisons, especially as you dive into the technical side. I have a question that I think I have right, but need confirmation or setting me straight!~
    I am not a "pro", don't make money off this, but do appreciate quality in my hobbies. I have the A7iii and love using it – recently I have been doing a little wildlife shooting (will be about 5-7 days a year). I have the Sony 100-400mm GM (upgraded from the 70-300mm G) and looking forward to using that for BIF and wildlife as I get more into both of them. Nature, landscapes and a bit of architecture was my primary focus prior. Now, with the release of the A7RIV, it appears I have a chance to get a lightly used A7RIII which I could then use in crop mode with the Sony 100-400 or I was thinking about getting the Sony 1.4x TC to get some extended reach for the A7III. Now, if I understand this, I would be getting 600mm f5.6 at 18MP with the A7RIII, or I could stay with the A7III with the 1.4TC and get 560mm, 24MP, but at f8. I was thinking about getting a Sony a6500 and using that (about $900 now since the 6600 is coming out). Thoughts?

  18. Excellent review. Although prices have changed in 2019, the Sony A7iii is still a good choice for budget photo and video people, as now there are lots of Tamron E mount lens. There is now Canon R and Nikon Z also to consider.

  19. Hi Guys. I am thinking to get one of these cameras because of switching from Nikon DSLR to mirrorless. I am a travel photographer. At the moment the A7 iii is £1236 and the A7R iii is £1536. Because of the only 300 difference im not sure witchone should I get. I am thinking maybe I should get the A7R iii and saving money by taking one prime lens with me on the trips and changing in between crop and FF mode if I need to….. without loosing too much megapixel. What do u think?

  20. Order the Sony a7 III at http://sdp.io/a73. TABLE OF CONTENTS:

    0:30 Sony a7 III vs Sony a7 II (http://sdp.io/a7ii)
    1:20 Sony a7 III vs Sony a7R II (http://sdp.io/a7r2)
    2:35 Sony a7 III vs Sony a9 (http://sdp.io/a9)
    5:00 Sony a7 III vs Sony a7R III (http://sdp.io/a7r3)
    6:22 Sony a7 III vs Fujifilm X-H1 (http://sdp.io/xh1)
    10:17 Sony a7 III vs Canon 6D Mk II (http://sdp.io/6d2)
    14:54 Sony a7 III vs Nikon D750 (http://sdp.io/d750)
    17:32 Sony a7 III vs Panasonic GH5 (http://sdp.io/gh5)

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