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Sony a7 III Review!

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We go to Vegas & the Grand Canyon to review the Sony a7 III (http://sdp.io/a73) and it crushes the competition: the Nikon D750 (http://sdp.io/d750) and Canon …


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  1. Why the hell would a wedding photographer charge extra for silent shooting? It's something that your camera can do easily and it inarguably makes the entire ceremony better. Charging more for that strikes me as a low rent nickel and dime maneuver.

  2. Man oh man I was considering the 80D or the D7500 as my first camera but for just a little bit more I can go full frame with that IBS, & EVF, so very temping Sony so very temping indeed.

    Should I just go right to full frame and leave APS-C behind.

  3. Sorry Tony… but the more than double the cost of the A9 camera versus the A7lll , specs released weeks before this video was posted, to obtain twice the image capture rate, at the same resolution, appeals only to those that have money trees growing in their yards. The A9 is a great camera, at $3300.

  4. Chelsea, Tony, notice Chelsea first always.. haha!, I love your channel, I need to confirm that A7iii with MC-11 and sigma lenses will shoot 10fps WITH continuous AF in between shots or just 3fps with CAF? because I know with Canon EF lenses it only has CAF using 3fps lo mode, in 10fps hi mode the AF is only on the first frame. Thank you, Dan

  5. Need some advice on Memory Cards for this camera. I just bought a Sony A73 with a Tamron 28-75mm f2.8 lens which is my first camera after sitting on the fence forever on getting a real camera. I have yet to get a memory’s card for it, but my question is do I need to use the same or different speeds memory card for the dual memory card slots? If so, which Memory Card speed goes in which slot? Thanks.

  6. Great review. Have you tested the usb-c super speed on the camera? Have have and it fails miserably. Same card in a uhs-ii reader is almost 300 MBs but only 35MBs from camera. Sony will not comment on my test.

  7. Hello –

    I have a Canon 70D along with Tamron 24-70 mm 2.8, Tamron 70-200mm 2.8 and a Tamron 150-600mm. All gen one

    Will it be:

    1. A magical
    2. Convenient
    3. ‘Profitable’

    experience to move to the Sony a7iii with an adaptor?

    I shoot mostly kids sports and some portrait work. All amateur status.

    If this is not worth the move, is there a $2,000 Canon camera that is worth upgrading to that would provide enough value over my 70D?


  8. Not sure if you are going to see this or not, but here goes! Did Sony make an a73.5 without saying anything about it? I bought one about a month ago, and I just realized I have a physical sensor cover that covers my sensor when I change lenses. I just saw that you commented on this video that it didn't have one. Well, my a73 has one! So cool! Please post on this if you find out when they made the change! Thanks Tony and Chelsea!

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