Home Photography Sony a6600 + a6100 Preview! Time to UPGRADE?

Sony a6600 + a6100 Preview! Time to UPGRADE?

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  1. I’m starting to get an Apple vibe from Sony now – slower incremental upgrades instead of mind blowing products.

    Sony, how about a7000 – 4K 60, low light 12 megapixel, IBIS, flip up screen, big batter, 200 mb bitrate, time lapse and long expo built in.

  2. Tony – you have made comments in several YouTube uploads about Sonys lack if a flippy screen for bloggers. What is so wrong with using your phone or tablet as a remote monitor using the remote app pre-installed on the camera? Im guessing Sony rolls their eyes at you as much as you cast sarcasm at them

  3. I feel that now they have the trio with new features complete they should remove the older trio to simplify the lineup. And I really feel that the A6600, being just a nice incremental upgrade, should be priced around $1200 instead of $1400. I got the A6400 not long ago and with the complete lineup I think it is still the best in the group. I was able to get a brand new body with a kit lens for less than $900, which is practically the same price as the 6100.

    I think the $1400-1500 range should be saved for a new flagship (a7000?) with refreshed designs.

  4. Sony a6600 epic fail. no 4K 50/60 fps, still old terrible rolling shutter, old ibis, old codecs, everything old. Just a better battery. Thanks sony but NO !!!! NO !!! NO !!!

  5. Tony, you're in a specific niche and you have your right to have a negative opinion.
    Other people don't use back button focus and use the live view instead of the evf and shoot jpg instead of raw.
    A6600 is amazing for other people for these reasons:
    * IBIS for low light photos and videos with primes and un-stabilized zooms;
    * no-time limit for video, no screen dimming in 4K;
    * eye-af and face-af for video;
    * 4K 30fps is plenty enough as it uses way too much space anyway. Twice that used space (for 4K 60fps) is for very few people who will buy a GH5 anyway for video (even with its abysmal auto-focus);
    * headphone and microphone jack;
    * flip forward screen for the occasional selfie (I have never used an external microphone so it's best that is comes on top of the body). I flip the screen a little for every single photo and would have been a pain to flip it sideways;
    * touch to focus;
    * accurate and fast auto-focus;
    * intelligent auto-focus point selection;
    * amazing battery life, probably around 2000 photos with no flash (lower power usage and bigger battery); A6500 gets me around 1100 photos with no flash for a single charge.
    * better grip;
    * more customizable buttons (4) aside of Fn-menu, AF/AEL switch, D-pad and my-menu;
    * cheaper because of no-internal-flash which I never use on A6500;
    * better feeling buttons;
    * new firmware with my-menu option;
    * weather sealing;
    * uhs-i sd cards are good enough for shooting jpgs even with 11 fps. Sony's jpg engine is amazing.
    * 11 fps with great auto-focus;
    * silent shooting;
    * no over-heating;
    * 24 mpx files are big enough already. I really don't feel the need for 32 mpx (like Canon 90D) and I don't want to always waste 33% of the storage space for that.
    We should celebrate that we can buy such amazing technology that gets us amazing photos and videos to preserve our memorable moments.
    Instead of saying uhs-i is slow for shooting bursts of raw, you could present it as this camera is good for people who shoot bursts of jpg or single raws or limited bursts of raws. And people will say "oh, that's me". Or "not me".

  6. Can someone please do a direct comparison of the a6600 with 16-55 and a7iii with Tamron 28-75 with image quality / samples / af and noise. I think I know the answer but for the price these are the obvious 2 set ups to directly compare. I love my apsc but for the price and weight Sony is pushing me to go full frame. I’d just like someone to do a detailed comparison

  7. Getting ready to buy my first camera, I think I'm down to a few choices. I've been looking at the a6100 and waiting for the release. Also Canon m50 and Nikon 7200. Any recommendations?

  8. Tony: I just checked the Canon 90D images with the Sony a6400 images on the Imaging resources' Comparometer (objective lab testing). The a6400 is the slightly older version of the upcoming A6600. There is NO comparison! The Canon images at ISO 800 were blurred, noisy, and not in the ballpark with the Sony A6400. The Fuji XT3 is closer, except for skin tones which were less rosy (more yellow and flat).

  9. is there a small fixed prime lens you would recommend for the 6600 you would recommend for walk around. It can be from another company? I need the stabilization otherwise I would go with the fuji .

  10. Thanks as always for your great videos! I happily own an aging a6000 with a variety of good lenses. I really don't NEED to buy anything new as the 6000 still does a GREAT job, especially with the latest firmware update. Honestly though, the 6400 with it's WAY better AF is very enticing, and I may buy this Christmas season if the price is right somewhere. I figure that will be my last APS-C body. After that, I'll save (a lot) and jump into Sony FF territory.

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