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Sony a6500 RX100V Hands-on First Impression

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First look at the Sony a6500 (http://bit.ly/SNA6500) and RX100 V (http://bit.ly/SRX100V) [Playlist]: http://Bit.Ly/HandsON16 [Subscribe]: http://bit.ly/DRTVSub …


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  1. should i sell my sony a6300 body and the 3 lenses of the aps-c equivalent to $2500? and pay about 2000 to get the sony a7rii or get the a6500 instead of my a6300? i just need the extra ISO and I do mostly video

  2. im sufferig …i dint have audio microfone jack on my a 3500 …. i have a rode mic but it cant connect because i dont have 3.5mm audio jack on my camera …. sony,s microfones r very very expensive …help please

  3. hey quick question i was trying to decide between the sony 16mm f2.8 lens and the sigma 19mm f2.8 dn lens.. can anyone help me decide which one I should go for? which do you think would have the better bokeh for portraits?

  4. All about that burst!!! Love this camera (RX100V) I'm officially switching from Canon to Sony!!! Unless Canon steps ut their G series…. Although I wish it had a longer zoom. Can't wait to see what the RX100 VI will have when it's released… Hopefully the blazing fast 24fps and at least a 10x zoom!

  5. Hi friend … I bought a 6500 without any video video menu I can not put in 120 fps. An option appears .. I can only access. I put a sd xc II card, but still could not. Do you have to upgrade a camera or have something to mess with mine? Thank you!

    oi amigo… comprei a 6500 é no menu de configurações de video não consigo colocar em 120 fps. A opção aparece ..só que consigo acessar. Coloquei um cartão sd xc II , mesmo assim não consegui. Tem que atualizar a camera ou tem alguma coisa para mexer no meu? Obrigado!

  6. Yo, I'm conflicted rn, should I buy the sony a6500 or the sony a7ii. Like the a6500 has the amazing video quality but then is aps-c but then the a7ii has that full frame sensor but can only record 1080 at 60fps… please help

  7. Have you ever used the a6300 / 6500 and the camera has turned off due to a lack of heat and battery?

    I ended up doing so yesterday
    Could not save meta data information of recorded file properly.

    The recovery system was activated because a new battery was inserted, but it was not recovered.

    There are files when I look at the files on my PC.
    The file exists but is not read.

    I contacted Sony.
    Sony said there was no way.

    Do I have to give up this file?
    I wish you had a way to save just a little bit.

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