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Sony a6500 Preview

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The Sony a6500 adds sensor stabilization, a touchscreen & better focusing! Order it on Amazon at http://help.tc/a6500.


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  1. Hi Tony, Which Sony lens bundle for the a6500 would be good for video (product reviews) on things like sneakers, sports memorabilia, and other table-top collectibles like mini statues/action figures? Your preorder product link has bundle choices that include the 10-18mm, 16-70mm, or the 18-105mm with the a6500 body.

  2. I cant find anything definitive on this. Is it definitely sensor shift that they are using for sensor stabilization? I am only asking because I like to adapt old m42 lenses. I dont know if when they mention 3rd party lenses, they only mean metabones, for example,

  3. Hi Tony, I'm a big fan of your channel and it's really informative, clear and spot on. But I'm struggling to understand why anyone wanting to make high quality videos would go for this camera. I bought an A6000 which does the job (averagely and with difficulty) for my nefarious purposes (though it does great stills) but was value for the money. However, I soon discovered, good Sony lenses from the G-Master range are basically double the price of their Canon counterparts. Hence anyone seriously considering a high quality lens would be able to purchase a decent Canon body with the equivalent glass for roughly the same price as either a good Sony body or a good Sony lens. A Canon would provide good battery life and avoid the overheat issue. What are your thoughts – am I being too nihilistic? Thanks, Simon.

  4. Thanks for the video guys. I happen to be very fond of the 6000-6500 form factor and really like the feel of the camera. That mostly has to do with my lack of experience with other camera manufacturers. You'll notice that the 6500 is the smallest camera out of the bunch and that compact size is important to many of us. It is the primary reason I own one. The weight and overall dimensions fit perfectly with my set up and allow for a lot of flexibility, especially for travel. The form factor and power are the primary reasons why It is one of the go to's for Photographers like Chris Burkard Where as it would be nice to have the second SD card and potentially a larger battery, and bigger grip and bigger buttons, it would also cause the camera to be similar in size to the other cameras you displayed . That would be unacceptable. How sony was able to fit 5axis in-body image stabilization into this small frame is beyond me and very very impressive. Purchased the 6300 in May and will be upgrading soon because I too think the changes are worth it for my use.
    Thanks again for the video.

  5. I work predominantly in video. I was going to get the A7ii as my first full frame mirrorless for video, but some reviews said the sensor has issues with moire. I was just wondering if the a6500 had a similar issue, and what you might recommend for someone who is in the entry market for a new sony camera for video.

  6. All sounds great except that a high power processor means a lot of heat and a lot of drain on battery. 3000 frame battery life must be under the lowest processor load. I wouldn't rush to buy it until filed reports come in.

  7. Well I just upgraded from A6000 to the A6500 what a beast I now get all the hype about the A6300. It seems with great power come a steep learning curve. Have a Merry Christmas and I look forward to more great shows in 2017.

  8. As a current sony user, I've got to say I think the a6500 is one of, if not the best compact mirrorless cameras on the market, but they REALLY need a bigger and better lens selection. Purely because of their lack of good aps-c lenses I'm probably going to move to mft in a year or two because it trumps sony on price, size and selection.

  9. Thanks for the detailed information about the Sony A6500, i do have a question though. I own the Sony A7S for now and am thinking of selling it to buy the Sony A7S, so please what do you advice me to do? Thanks for your honest response in advance

  10. Hello Tony, I'm looking for a camera to be able to shoot just about anything. I believe street photography would be what I'd be using it mostly for but I really want to try out astrophotography. I can't decide if I should get a dslr or mirrorless? I'm willing to splurge a little as long as it's under $2k. Any recommendations? Thank you for your time!

  11. Question, hope you can help. I Just purchased Sony a6500, and I'm trying to decide between the Zeiss 25mm f/2 or the 55mm f/1.8 for best all round lens. I can only choose 1, any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  12. Hey Tony, should i sell my sony a6300 body and the 3 lenses of the aps-c equivalent to $2500? and pay about 2000 to get the sony a7rii or get the a6500 instead of my a6300? i just need the extra ISO and I do mostly video

  13. I just took the A6500 w/ F4 16-70 lens on a week long trip to Iceland. I took 1500 pictures and videos over 6 days and never used the second battery but was glad I had it. I was religious about switching the camera off when not shooting. I didn't find the startup time to be a problem, most of the time. I was apprehensive about the viewfinder location as I am left eye dominant. It occasionally became a problem with the touch screen when my nose touching the screen would move the focus point. I chose the 6500 over the A7RII for the smaller size as I though I would not second guess whether to carry it on hikes, etc.. Tony's advice was spot on about turning off the preview. It was just as easy to hit the play button if I wanted to see what I captured.

  14. You are another photo-amater who complain about Sony's "small" battery. It is recognisable that you learn photography throughout brochure…, but acting as an knowledgeable person… It is better to have smaller camera and few batteries then vise versa. Special if you know photography you will know how much is important to have accessories and lenses, so cat on weit is a paramount importance for professional photographer. So, Sony doing good job. It is good that Sony do not listen you or DPReview, the notorious photo-amateurs. There are more, but you would not understand. Interesting it is hard to find person with good solid knowledge in photography…For example: Troch screen is probably one of the biggest thing that came with digital photography. The BIGGEST…I will give you info that you can not find in photo brochure, but only from knowledgeable and experienced photographer, free of charge. In the beginning of the 80s I photograph a lot of theatre performance as much various Awards and Festivals. The lights on stage was uneven and hard to determine exposure, so I had to bay one degree spot light miter, that helps a lot to not have over exposure faces (the werese thing can happen). I pay for Sekonic one degree spot light meter around $420. Another light meter that professional photographer use was determination of different type of lights and recommendation of using the filters in order to correct color… etc. That light meter cost around $750-900. In digital photography we can have both in touch screen of our camera…So to have touch screen is of paramount importance…OK. Second, you reviewing camera and no one word about shutter speed and flash….Ha…ha…You do not know how important is to inform us of the highest shutter speed that can be use with flash…You also talk about lenses with out saying the angle of view of particular lenses. Only the angle of view will determine of what lens you are talking about. For example: When you say 75 mm lens and not say the angle of view, you say absolutely nothing. Whay? Because the 75mm can be wide angle, or extreme wide angle…it also can be telephoto or extremely telephoto,…and some time the 75mm can be standard lens for particular camera. The only angle of view can tel what camera you talking about, or what kine lens is it…only…Your intention to inform us is noticeable but unfortunately for you it is noticeable that you do not know enough photography.

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