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SONY A6400 REVIEW – Good for video?

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  1. I liked this review until you started talking about clipping off the brackets for the neck strap and suggesting the hot shoe should be on the side. At that point I started questioning why I was even listening to anyone that would suggest something so crazy. Like… um… wtf. Why not just suggest they make a screen that can flip out to the side if that's how you need to use the camera? I agree that the flip screen can be awkward if you want to use a mic like that, but a lapel mic works great.

  2. This review isn’t even fair!!! Lol. Most of this woulda gone out the window had he done one thing and one thing only. Used the 10-18 lens. Lol. Re-review it matti!!!
    Wide – check
    Image stabilization – check
    Autofocus – check

  3. I like your videos. But the reason why I have not bought an A6XXX camera is the poor quality of the FHD video. The 120p slow motion in your video looks like HD 720p. You can tell me that recording in 4k I can downscale it to 1080p, but you lose 60p and 120p, waste more memory and battery, big file size and edition time, and have a lot more "rolling-shutter" problem. The A6400 has lost also the mp4 option. Few people use or need 4k.
    A side articulated screen has also drawbacks; if you open the side cover to connect the microphone or USB ports you will cover the screen equally. And other problem is that vlog people usually look to the screen, if the screen is on the top, as the A6400, it looks like you're looking to the lens. And for photo shoot the side articulated screen is very uncomfortable in street or macro shooting.
    I find a big drawback in the Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras recording video, in addition to the poor AF; YOU CAN´T USE THE VIEWFINDER!

  4. Hi Matti. Your videos are really good. Great work. I'm a Sony user for the last 5 year and i have many lenses and cameras. It's just a hobby for me. You made an impession like it's not good for vloggers. I own a6400 and it's a damn good camera with great autofocus and built quality. Pro YouTubers like you, Peter etc. For them of course it's not enough i mean look at your place that you shot that video. You have so many pro equipment. And you make money out of it. And your expectations are way higher than a normal YouTuber. But as we are not like that. And as you and every other Pro Youtuber say story is more important than the actual camera. And this a6400 is a monster in that case. And i believe if you are also good at editing videos, you can easily compete with full frame users. Have a nice day.

  5. Hi!! I'm a Canon lover and I need a vlog camera, light , small, image stabilization on camera, dual pixel focus sharp and amazing ,It doesn't matter if it's full frame or not . Extra points for 4k and 120 fps 😁😁 what you recommend? Thanks you❤❤❤

  6. Man , Man , you talked a lot about issues ! You didn’t tried the camera so far to see the benefits of that camera . The dynamic range in that camera is better even than 1DX mark II . That camera is a 1000$ camera packed of really awesome futures . You want the IBS , go to 6500 or A7 mark III . Anyway , i was upset because you didn’t talk about the good awesome futures of the camera . By the way , I switched from EOS R to the Sony 6400 . And that Sony is AWESOME ! Peace

  7. Awesome video as always. I boght the a6400 and its totally awesome!!! Best camera i have ever had 🙂 But there is one problem.
    When i connect it to my computer via the cable you get and i transfer the images to the computer (i just drag them from the camera folder to my computer and then delete them on my camera). When i then start my camera and i press the library button it says that i have alot of files but it can not be viewed… it that some kind of bug? because i have deleted the pictures and videos when i moved them to my computer but it says in the camera that there still is images and videos left there… but it can not be viewed. Any solution to this? How do i delete everything on my camera from the camera it self? Thanks in advice mate 🙂

  8. Absolutely WORTHLESS "Review". A real review would use appropriate gear and actually review it against it's competitors for strengths and weaknesses.
    Too close – it is a cropped sensor camera, ALL CROP SENSOR CAMERAS HAVE THAT it is a CROP SENSOR frozen brain.
    If you weren't mentally challenged you would use a Sony wide angle lens, with OSS that would not make it close and would stabilize the video, but that would be too fair and too technical AND too intelligent for you.
    In addition, it is under $900 which is much less than what you supposedly are comparing it against which not only allows purchase of OSS lenses but would also buy a very nice gimbal and other gear besides. AND IT HAS THE BEST AUTO FOCUS PLUS REAL TIME TRACKING (BEST FOCUSING BOTH STILLS AND VIDEO combined) OF ANY CAMERA ANYWHERE NEAR THIS PRICE RANGE THAT ALSO OFFERS QUALITY 4K (Canon STILL lagging way behind in adequate 4K).
    This is hands down the most lazy, nontechnical, non-factual, biased, ignorant "review" I have ever seen. Besides that, great job.

  9. Get a gimbal. Solves the crazy close-up thing because you can hold it out a bit by the gimbal's handle and also solves the lack of IBIS problem. Even with IBIS, recordings don't look as smooth as gimbal shots. The a6400 has a ton of great tech upgrades that make up for the lack of IBIS.

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