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Sony a6300 Review (in 4k!)

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Order it at on Amazon http://help.tc/a6300 and SUBSCRIBE! Sample files at http://northrup.photo/sony-a6300-review/ TABLE OF CONTENTS: 0:18 – Quick …


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  1. Hello! How are you! One question: to record video as video clips between these two options, sony alpha a6300 and panasonic lumix gh4, which one would you choose and why? Keep in mind that you need good bokeh, cinematographic takes and above all that you can edit the video to have the best quality of video offered by these two cameras. thank you.

  2. hi, i'm a bit confused to take the sony a6300 or sony a7. any tips? i want shoot video too, but for now i don't need 4K. i'm a landscape, travel and portrait photographer

  3. I am also looking for my first camera, i am not into videos, more of casual stills while travelling or some at home. So my requirement is a robust built, easy to carry camera with decent battery life. I wouldn't be investing much in lenses. What camera system(Nikon/Canon DSLRs or Sony(mirrorless) should I consider for this? And what specific model should i consider. My budget is around 1000$. Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi Chelsea and Tony. I love your very informative videos. Many thanks. A comment now about the a6300. Mine overheated and froze up during an important unrepeatable shoot in Thailand recently (November 2017). I was not even shooting movie but stills. I was out in a hot sun and everything felt hot to touch including the a6300. Later in the day it cooled off and the camera came back to life. At $1K plus, this is an inexcusable fault and means the a6300 is unreliable for important shoots in hot conditions. Various bloggers offer solutions like upgrading the firmware, which apparently allows you to override the safety shut-off features. Thereby putting your camera at risk of being fried? Or why did Sony include this in the first place? Plus you can mount a little fan on the back of the camera! What?! Add to that the utterly fiddly controls, with very sensitive dials and buttons that easily get thrown off chosen settings. Add to that the horrible video button. It takes 2 seconds for the video to start once you push the button (in itself a feat to achieve if you have normal sized fingers), and another 2 seconds to stop recording when you push video off. Meanwhile an important moment is being lost. The smallness of everything is why this camera is great for travel. However, it is all for naught if the camera is unusable. I think Sony is trying to achieve too much too fast and doing so by launching unready cameras and then fixing bugs with uber-expensive upgrades (6000, 6300, 6500, 6800, 7000 etc). The reason for this is probably the fierce competition amongst makers of mirrorless cameras. If they cut all the not-really-nessary features and made the a63000 more reliable it would be a dream. I would love to love this camera but I cannot. I even long sometimes for my old Canon kit which was so user-friendly and so reliable.

  5. I need some help.
    I recently purchased the A6300 and have very little experience. I have now been tasked to capture my Son's marriage proposal in Hawaii. Not to say this is important the phrase my wife used was "life or death"
    I'm trying to capture the facial expression, ocean, waves, clouds sunset… all in focus and in color???
    I could use some help for a fool proof result. Any tips on accomplishing this feat? BTW, I have 8 days to learn this.

  6. Hi Guys… I'm currently using a mix of my Osmo + and 7D2 DSLR and Phantom 4 pro for Real Estate… really wanting to get something a little lighter in terms of camera and something that does good lower light 4K for the darker interiors… Im also using the Wing 7 from Edelkrone and my 7D2 setup is a little too heavy for that…

    Any help or insight would be awesome 🙂

  7. Lots and lots of negativity in this video for an awesome camera. No mention of the A6300 pulling 6K data from the FULL sensor size and downsampling to 4K. The Panasonic offerings have SEVERE 4K crops, which ruin the use of your wide angle lenses.

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