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Sony a6000 Overview Tutorial

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  1. Tony, thank you SOOO much for this video. I just bought a Sony a6000, my first close-to-pro camera, and was looking for a quick way to get to know it's features and functions. In additiona, your professional insight added so much more depth to what this camera can do.

  2. Why is the battery on my A6000 depleting so fast? Just by having it on for less than 5 minutes it’s going from 93 to 88 just like that. Don’t like this at all. What am I doing wrong?

  3. Thank you for the video, it allowed me to refresh my knowledge of all key issues related to camera functions and operation. I just got this camera, finally…I am getting your book soon…

  4. Amazing tutorial, I've learned more about photography form this video than watching multiple hours of yt content. I'll check out your book also. Thanks!

  5. Finally got my Sony A6000 thanks for this video it helped a lot with some of the many settings. My last camera was the Nikon D5100. I have always been a Nikon girl. When I went into the store to buy a new camera, I picked up this Sony and was totally hooked.

  6. I cannot thank you enough for making this video. I bought this camera at a pawn shop for a third of its value, and it had horrific performance. At first, I thought the camera was just broken, but figured if I fiddled with the settings, I could improve it a little. Your video fixed ALL of the problems for me!!! You frickin' rule.

  7. I'm a beginner who has just bought an old A6000. This video has really helped, not just to use the settings but for a basic understanding of some fundamental concepts. Great video, set at the perfect level for me, nice tone and great way of explaining things. Thanks for making it 🙂

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