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Sony a6000 Hands-on Review

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Out with the NEX-6, in with the A6000 (http://bit.ly/A6000). With an insane amount of auto-focus points, is this one of the best mirrorless cameras to get? Pricing …


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  1. I bought a Sony a6000 with the 55-210 lens. I've been using it for a month now. I'm really trying to find out why everybody says its so great?

    I was even considering getting an A7Rii. I like the fact that what you see through the viewfinder is what you get before the shot….BUT….

    When I compare the detail and color to my old Nikon D90 which has HALF the Megapixels…The Nikon BLOWS it out of the water in both crisp, sharp detail and colors!!!!!!

  2. Can i ask something.. is the a6000 are good portrait photography? I plan to shoot a kids and baby photography.. it is worth it for that kind of photography?if yes what lens i should use.. thanks a lot, waitimg for your reply,, tnx God bless

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