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Sony 24-70mm GM Hands-on Review

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Sony finally has a 24-70 lens (http://bit.ly/SN2470GM) to stand up against the big boys. Kai plays tourist to see if it’s any good. [More “Hands On”]: …


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  1. I don’t get the obsession with BO KAH!! For some things I’d like that, but for family, and everyday stuff, I want to see the background, unless it’s some eye sore. I guess my photography I more of a documentary type thing. In thirty years, I want to see the old stuff in the background.

  2. Sorry, I thought this was a review on a camera lens. The stand up section is two doors down (ps maybe shouldn't give up your day job…just sayin')

  3. After seeing this review (and probably like 5-7 other reviews on various cameras, lenses, or comparisons) I'm 100% sure Kai is anti-mirrorless through and through. He refuses to give credit to any camera or lens on a mirrorless platform. It's hard to tell if it's partially anti-Sony as well. It's a shame because he seems entertain enough, but the anti-mirrorless bias is so strong even when the subject is NOT a comparison, that his discussion around mirrorless is not just far from objective — it is useless. If he has an IQ of 100 in general, when talking about mirrorless, it drops to 60. If he's talking about a big DSLR, he gets an erection lasting for days.

  4. can anyone help me please? I can either only buy the 24-70mm g master which is ($2200) or i can buy the sony 24-105 and the 90mm macro together ($2400). which do i buy?

  5. it's cheaper to buy an 24-70 2.8L and a metabones speedboster. Turn on APS-C mode and you have a 24-70 1.8ish because why the fuck not.

    Or get the 24-70 L and the MC-11

  6. I fucking hate Zoom creep… The sigma 18-300 macro (canon fe mount) sucks at this. "Oh you wanted to zoom to 70 mm? Let me fix that…. *24…50…65…90000*" Fucking hell.
    Sure it has good picture quality but using it for product photography sucks.

  7. I like watching your videos for reviews but I could not watch this one, when did the review start? I actually cared about the actual review not all that fuss around..

  8. Hi, I got an question..I have Sony A7 III with Gm Sony 24-70mm lenses and I was thinking to buy DJI Ronin SC..but I changed my mind because I don't know if these lenese will be to heavy for Ronic SC..If anyone that hold's this setup can help me with this? I don't want to spend 400£ just like that.
    Thank you

  9. I agree, the bokeh on it is generally not that great, especially with trees (like a sharp/harsh looking bokeh). That's why I'm considering getting the 24GM for creamy wide shots

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