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Something every artist needs to hear.

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With Episode 11 of the VLOG, I propose a challenge for you all this weekend! Create something that you are passionate about and share it with the world …


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  1. I've been binge watching all of Pete's videos again this week, I've been stuck so much a box of trying to create the best stuff. It's so easy to forget about this passion and constantly chase the gram. Thanks Pete

  2. This is a beautifully inspirational video, Peter, and I thank you very much for it.
    I am new to your channel. But I saw you in a couple of videos on Casey Neistat's channel and decided to give your work a look. Long story short, I am tremendously impressed and have subscribed. I think I can learn a great deal from the lessons you are imparting, and feel as though you will further inspire me to greatness.
    Thank you for being the cool dude you are and for selflessly giving so much of yourself to those of us who follow you and recognize your talents. 👍👍

  3. In the process of fighting this daily right now. Set a plan out about a month ago for launching everything and I have a day chosen coming up this month where I turn everything on and each day I fight out another wall of my head to focus on the process of getting another step done towards that end. Thanks for everything Peter!

  4. Damn! I hope I have watched this video 2 years ago. But this is really inspiring and just watched it at the perfect time since I am just getting started at creating my own contents.

  5. Hey Peter.

    Thanks for this video.
    I feel exactly like that. I'm in my head all the time.
    My biggest fear is that I'm to old to vlog og puttinh my pictures out there. I'm 31. I'm married. I really would love to vlog. Maybe after this video I will. I sure hope so 👍🏻
    Thanks for the great content.

  6. Im just a dude who can shoot 1 average lucky shot in every thousand clicks with just my entrylevel camera on a kit lens. Thanks for making me feel better amigo! 👍

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