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Sofia Vergara Connects to Her Late Aunt | Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry | E!

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The young clairvoyant is spot on! See the “Modern Family” star’s reactions to her mother’s sister making contact on “Hollywood Medium. #HollywoodMedium …


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  1. Very sad. Anyone who visits a medium is in violation of Yehovah God's Word and comes under a Curse by God and they curse their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

    Mediums channel DEMONS and I warn everyone reading this to stay away from them and if you have been to a psychic repent and submit for an Exorcism of the demons you invited in when you went to satan for information instead of going to Yehovah God.

    It is IMPOSSIBLE to communicate with dead relatives. However what Tyler is channeling are demons and while demons may be familiar with you and your dead relatives i.e. "Familiar Spirits" – NONE of them know the future..ONLY GOD does.

    Jesus Christ is LORD and satan and his demons are liars.

  2. Her brother Raphael was murdered at 27. He went out for a walk and was shot to death. This “R” reference is on several websites RE: Sophia’s family

  3. What a total fake!!!!! He researches these celebrities and then pretends to talk to the dead!!!! Older people have swellings of the legs, it's not rocket science!! This charlatan is a despicable, vile human being who has made millions out of vulnerable people. He should not be allowed to do this, he is taking money from people and lying. Lock him up and give his wealth to charity.
    I challenge Tyler Fraud Henry to do a reading on me, I am not on any social media and I won't let him use cold reading techniques on me.

  4. It's crazy to think there are people (viewers and commenters) that actually believe this bullshit. Even though science and technology have advanced it seems many people just keep getting dumber.

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