Home Photography Sleeping in a -10C hotel made ENTIRELY OF ICE!

Sleeping in a -10C hotel made ENTIRELY OF ICE!

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The Music I use: https://goo.gl/IMZC9A – AMAZING for YouTubers MATTI : https://goo.gl/dgqFjY NICOLE: https://goo.gl/8c8Y3e Lightroom PRESET PACK: …


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  1. Cheers from Quebec City. You should come check out the Quebec City's Ice Hotel after the Holidays! It's AMAZING, and Quebec City is insane for photography! I'll show you around and get you inside the Quebec Citadel for some super dope shots!

  2. We’ve stayed there too! We stayed in the Art Suites…. did you get a certificate to say you stayed in the ice room? It was -12 in ours! It was very interesting running to the loo in the night! How did you find the lingonberry juice? 😂🤪 the night we stayed we ended up in the ice bar for two hours so the vodka kept us warm! 😆😆🇬🇧🇬🇧xx

  3. I hate the cold but I would genuinely love to stay somewhere like this for the experience.
    Also, that bit of you rising from the teacup bathtub 5:50 is hilarious!! 🤣 I'll be laughing about that for ages!

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