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Simpsons Ride Videos (Off-ride) – Universal Studios Hollywood

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Simpsons Ride – Krustyland Universal Studios Hollywood.


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  1. I like it but not when I had to watch it again my Family were going to the ride and watching the video and when we were about to ride and sit this man had it shirt off and something smelled wired like moldy cheese until my Mom said to me and my brother to get out of the cart turns out he threw up while on the ride so we had to go to another room and couldn't skip it

  2. I know most people like this attraction but it’s just not worth the waits I’ve experienced to get on it. The actual ride itself is pretty good but I swear every time I’ve rode it it’s broken down and the we have to wait for even longer!

  3. Quick question I get dizzy on these type of rides so I was wondering if the screen is rlly close and does the ride actually move the way the cart does?Also I went on a Harry Potter ride kinda similar and I was terrified so just asking if it’s pretty much the same thing

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