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Sigma DP1 – First Impression Video by DigitalRev

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Dubbed as the ‘world’s first full-spec compact’, we give a brief run through of the much anticipated Sigma DP1, the compact camera with an APS-C sized 14 …


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  1. if you call 320×240 video, I call it annoying crap I can’t watch on my retina displays on iPad and Mac Pro, of course it older, but cmon, they should just left it out, be a camera, especially with this Fovean bad boy sensor

  2. I would love to comment back, but who can understand that Chinese you signed your name in? The fact you know English scares me, I don't want Chinese Russians being able to understand us.

  3. Before Kai DigitalRevTV was, well let me put it that way, boring. I don't know when they switched to Kai but I know that was probably the best decision they ever made. On the other hand I wish Lok was speaking that good English like this guy does. (And yes, I know this video is 4,5 y/o.)

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