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Sh*t Mirrorless Fanboys Say

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A collection of some of the things a mirrorless fanboy says. Pricing Reference: Kai – Panasonic GM5 with 12-32mm F3.5-5.6 kit lens …


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  1. Full Frame and EVF. EVF. EVF. EVF. EVF. I love seeing the end result before I press the shutter. (Only reason to chimp is check sharpness.) B&W thru the viewfinder is awesome. I laugh when i see a DSLR owner struggling to chimp in bright sunlight, I just look into the viewfinder.

  2. I teetered between mirrorless and DSLR for some time. Ended up with mirrorless. Thoughts on the new Olympus EM-1 Mark II pushing past 16 megapixels to 20? Love to see a review if you can get them to toss you product.

  3. I love how people say such cameras performs worse in low light… well then I ask what is the difference between dslr and mirrorless? the only difference is that with dslr you focus and compose through the mirror, the moment you press that shutter button it briefly becomes mirrorless because it flips away the mirror, exposing the sensor. And if your dslr has live view option, it's basically becomes straight up mirrorless camera. People who say that "mirrorless performs worse in low light vs dslr's" obviously has no knowledge on how a camera works. Granted certain cameras will perform worse in low light than others, but that's image processing chip and programming it has nothing to do with the fact whether the camera is mirrorless or dslr.

  4. The dinky fiddly size and seemingly very exposed sensor puts me right off mirrorless cameras. Give me a proper decent sized meaty slr anyday. A blokes camera not a camera for ladies that do dishes!

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