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Should You Upgrade? NEW Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 lens Comparison

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  1. I tried renting from lensrentals.com after watching this video and the day before they cancelled my order! They wanted personal information like the name of my employer and job title and a personal or business website. I guess maybe regular people/non-photographer can't order from here . I don't know, it sounded scammish.

  2. OMG, Is this video real or a promotion for the new 3rd gen lens ? Is the the 2nd gen lens so horrible? I remember all the youtubers all these years with magnificent feedbacks about the 2nd gen lens…

  3. Hey Northups! I think you did in 2014 70-200 lenses comparison from different brands. It would be nice to revisit with the latest additions from Canon (also f4 version) and Tamron G2. Also i'd like to see video for the best 70-200 lens for Sony FE. f4 is slow and GM 2.8 is super pricey. How would Tamron G2 or Canon 2.8II or III work on Sony cameras, would they be valuable options or not?

  4. If I may ask, Mr. Tony Northrup, how does auto-focus compare of both the 70-200 F2.8 IS MK 2 and MK 3 compare to each other? The reason why I ask is because, just this morning, I compared both the MK 2 and MK 3 lenses and the latter seemed to focus a bit faster and I was just wondering if you also had the same observation. Thanks.

  5. If i am using 70-200mm f/2.8L IS III USM lens with extender 2x iii, then how much maximum aperture will I get as I heard extender effects the aperture of lens?

  6. Purchased this mark III the other day. Had forgotten how heavy this model is. But it's a decent zoom. It was even $60 cheaper than mark II on a sale in Sweden, so it was a no brainer.

  7. I’m confused which one to consider between 70-200 version ii and sigma sport and grey market version iii. They’re all almost same price. I’ll be upgrading from the version i and photography is a hobby for me. So I won’t care for minute differences.

  8. I have a friend who upgraded to the Mark III and will be selling me the First Generation for a good price. I’m not a pro so I don’t need it to be perfect. Great video, straight to the point

  9. Hi guys

    Let me ask you: I own a copy of EF-70-200 f/4L IS. Recently I purchased a 5D Mk IV. In your opinion, (regarding sharpness and bokeh mostly: portrait is what I like), is it worth the upgrade? Down here in Brazil Canon is offering a sale on the new Mark 3.


  10. Great video. Do you do these test with the lenses straight out of the box or do you micro adjust them first? Some of the sharpness difference could be a simple micro adjustment. Awesome videos.

  11. Hi guys,

    I have the V2 70-200. Is it worth upgrading to the RF 70-200? I don't see a reason to upgrade to the V3 EF 70-200, now that I have the EOSR, altho I can save 1000.00 now with going EF V3. Have you guys compared these 2?

  12. Hi Tony and Chelsea I love your videos, I’m a concert photographer here in Charleston and I’m looking to get the 70 -200 lens but my question was what exactly is the flash you’re using because I really want a low-profile flash just like that for my new Mark IV, Thank You!

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