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Should you go to filmschool?

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  1. Great vid. Was that Horseshoe Valley?
    I went to film school close to 20 years ago and I think it was valuable in some respects, but overall it was kind of disappointing and didn't really lead me where I wanted to go. I think just watching you and Peter and some of the other guys you hang with has taught me more creatively than anything I picked up in school.. but then again 20 years ago we didn't have YouTube. Watching video online wasn't a thing. Hell, I was still shooting on tape!
    Oh how times have changed…

  2. I had the film school question – thank you so much for answering! At the moment I'm 16 years old so I do still have some time to decide if I go to a filmschool but I actually think you're right! You don't need to spend this much money anymore just to learn about some special filming techniques because it's all right here – on the internet! And I also think you can get around the fact that you get connections with other directors etc. by just being active on social media or other platforms. At the end they might also come to you.
    Anyway, I still have so much to learn about filmmaking and I'm just exploring how big my passion actually is.
    Keep on making youtube videos – your content really helps me!

  3. Creo que lo mejor es la combinación de ambos, la escuela de cine te brinda un gran bagaje de teoría del cine, te ayuda a formar un criterio de realización, el hecho de aprender de los primeros cineastas te crea una visión mucho mas amplia y un criterio artístico, luego debes seguir aprendiendo de cada oportunidad y de cada plataforma disponible, es una carrera en la que nunca se dejan de aprender cosas nuevas.

  4. Mattih, PLEASE give some advice on export settings from premiere/FCPX that you'd recommend for uploads be that YT/Insta etc.
    I film in a high quality 1080 codec with the GH5 and I render in apple pro-res HQ.
    I've always exported as h.264 but YT & Instagram ANNIHILATES the quality.
    Your videos are in 1080 but are always crisp and clear, no pixelation at all.
    Is there something I should do in the timeline/render/export settings differently so they don't get crushed upon upload? Dying for help with this!
    P.S. The new LOG versions of the Cine LUTs 2.0 are brilliant! I love using them.

  5. Trying to balance family and photography as well. My second kid was born in August 2017 and my older kid is 3. This was a conversation I literally just had with my wife. Awesome video! Thank you

  6. For me at least, YouTube is way faster and more helpful than film school for what I want to do (not to mention much cheaper hahaha). Hey you guys I recently started doing youtube and i'm making vlogs and other stuff, if you could check it out and leave some feedback i'd really appreciate it! Thanks!

  7. I went to film school after 5 years professional work, it's nice to get a qualification, but the main reason was to get access to the industry through the school's connections, and build relationships and teams. It worked, didn't learn too much on the technical side but was still interesting and got loads of new work and access to the industry. Choose a good school!

  8. I have filmschool. It´s good as you said for connections. The best way how to learn to film today is the internet or collecting experiences on set. Of course is all about people, passion and motivation. It´s up to you which way you choose and where you decide to go.

  9. I've been making Youtube videos for over a year now and still have just under 200 subs after 25 videos. The frustrating part of growth is watching your skills get better but not seeing any success from it. My current videos are shot and edited much better than my first handfull, but ive never had any surge of popularity or subscribers. My content may not be astounding but i still feel its better than 200 sub level.

  10. Couldn't agree more with everything you said! Always been a believer of you learn by doing and having to improvise with what you've got and make it look a million dollars rather than expect a RED on every set. That said…I would love a RED on every set. Loving the content, keep it coming!


  11. Skip to 10:00 if you came for the title of the video – everything else is random . I'm kind of tired of people who never went to film school talking about whether or not to go to film school – they don't know. Matti literally has no idea what it would have been like so this whole thing is nearly pointless speculation.

  12. Thanks for this advice Mattih!

    Just started watching your videos after seeing you on Pete's channel. My joy and love for creating videos started nearly 10 years ago with a high school project. I just discovered this and thought about film school. But I empathize with you about the forceful nature of "assignments" vs. being self-initiative. You shed some light on my self-awareness with that statement, so thank you!

  13. Hey Mattih, do you think A6000 and A6300 will be cheaper this year since there's already a new mirrorless camera for Sony? If yes, after how many months would they usually lower the price of previous versions of mirrorless cams? I want to buy A6300 but it's kind of expensive for now and might settle for A6000 since it is budget-friendly, but if the price will be cheaper after the release of those new cams for Sony, I might wait for the A6300. This would be my first camera and I will choose Sony because of your awesome reviews. Thank you! 🙂

  14. Dude, I'm from Brazil and your videos are the best. Thanks for doing this. This year I want to start in the photography business and become a filmmaker and your videos have helped me a lot. Again, thank you so much.

  15. Huge thanks to all the questions that were sent! I didn't get to soooo many of them but don't worry I will make another Ask Matti with the same questions cause there were a ton of good ones 🙌 Follow me on INSTA @MATTIH and TWITTER @MATTIHAAPOJA for BTS and more interaction!

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