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Shooting an Event with a DRONE

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  1. Thank you for putting things simply. I can use this video to explain some of the safety issues I need to be aware of before just I "fly your drone over and video that" like everyone seems to want me to do…

  2. Thanks for videos. Learnt a tone from you and Chelsea and from your book…
    Wish there was a U.K. version of you guys to research U.K. 🇬🇧 specific legalities etc….
    Thanks again. Keep the cameras rolling…

  3. Great video, Tony, thanks! Several years I'm participating in open water swim events (my son dragged me to them) and last time there was a drone around. Clearly, they tried to cover the swim, but I never seen the result. Any thoughts on that? Open water swims usually happen along the shore but couple hundreds meters into the sea or lake. How would you advise to cover this?

  4. Considering getting my first drone, just moved to a rural area of the NE. My worry is birds, we're on a forested area and birds are everywhere, big and small, birds of prey and geese as well. Are they going to be constantly attacking my drone?

  5. Oh wow, here in Canada this video would have been totally illegal.
    Its a $3000 fine to fly a drone near people.
    So recording a walk or a race is 100% out of the question.
    Too bad, cause it looks really cool from an aerial view.

  6. Seems you kinda glossed over the "where to fly" part.  I can't imagine that most of Connecticut isn't within 5 miles of some airport which would require more than just "checking".  Otherwise, still the best videos out there; well organized and to the point without the mugging for the camera which seems to be all too common.

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