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Shit Canon/Nikon fanboys say

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  1. Hey hey hey! No camera is a shit (but Canon hehe) Nikon wins, then goes Sony, then Pentax with their beginner cameras able to shoot in extreme conditions that melt a professional camera…
    Nikon wins with image quality. Sony wins in technology and ergonomy. and Canon's CEO wins because their overpriced stuff.

    From each single Sony alpha or Pentax cameras of a same level, there are ten Nikons and twenty five Canons

  2. By the way you don't need to have a pro camera, I own a Sony A200 which use almost everyday and I would be able to get some profit of her in the future if it still works after six exhaustive years of constant use.

  3. Let me compare Canon vs Nikon vs Sony in an all-terrain professional "qualitative" value:

    Nikon: Pricey body, pricey lenses. But at least with a body you can do many unrestrictive things.

    Canon: Ugh, what the hell? You are forced to buy an EOS 5DsR to get high res photos (Aaaah that is also a good point: WHY THE FUKC A CANON USER HAS TO EDIT HIS PHOTOS, *ALWAYS** ??*
    Going on: yo need two bodies that do completely opposite functions. You need Canon L lenses if you don't trust Tamron or Sigma (Canon biasing is VERY DANGEROUS…, it can let you POOR! ). Two bodies, five L lenses. Price: awwwgh! Shit I have to win the lottery to afford at least the simplest body and the less expensive Canon L lenses of the range even if I would need to use the expensive ones (due to a major tendance to fast telephoto, fast moving things Photography in my example).

    Let's go with Sony! Aooooooo wolves become closer to CaNikon stuffertship. Heck, you use Sony branded sensors in your highest level cameras? Nah except of Canon, the independents (independents in every sense: Different color hue, different lens rotation, different ISO sensitivity, different white balance, different this, different that…)
    Sony Alpha: great bodies that even still using my Sony A200 before becoming a pro, that little wolverine is heavier than the Canon 1200D. You have one Sony for all: The top level Alpha is the A99II (was the A99II* there is the NEX-A9). It can do high res portrait, high res sports, high res night, high res animals, high res whatever! Lenses: they are expensive, but they are €2000 more than Canon. The problem is that Canon L lenses are sold TEN THOUSANDS per day in the world, Sony lens G may sell THIRTY A WEEK! Does Canon slavize their China makers? Kinda yes. Everyone knows that the more the production, the less the price. Canon just goes the opposite.
    By the way, despite being more powerful than the EDxII, the A99II costs less than the half.

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