Home Photography Selling a photo for $6.5 MILLION DOLLARS!

Selling a photo for $6.5 MILLION DOLLARS!

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Check out LIZZIE! : https://bit.ly/3nKqXYL – Subscribe and comment ‘Fondue’ on her latest video! Peter Lik: https://bit.ly/36W03XE Lightroom PRESET PACKS: …


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  1. As always, magnificent content… just one suggestion, maybe you can keep a small version of the picture you are talking about in a corner. So we can keep up with the story. Thanks for the amazing contenta always! Man ๐Ÿค˜

  2. When I saw the coffee picture and Lizzie couldn't recognize it…..that's my childhood right there in Pete's hands.
    I come from Kenya by the way and I take Nescafe ha ha ha

  3. Followed Lizzie on Instagram, didn't know who she was. Only knew she did photography. Didn't really look at her photos. Just followed. Then she starts popping up on my feed with all these photos, and I'm like, she's legit! She takes some awesome photos!

  4. pete i watched your video a while ago about getting my own photos printed, just a few days ago i bought a bunch of matted $1 photo frames, got a bunch of free 4×6 prints from the pharmacy, and a bought a couple 8×10 prints. now i have a bunch of my own work on the wall and it really is a great feeling ๐Ÿ™‚ you keep inspiring new photographers and content creators and i'm so appreciative of what you do

  5. Antelope Canyon – a narrow crevice where snakes occasionally can fall down onto you while you're in it. A crevice where when it rains, you better get out quick or you might be in trouble. In this video we see where when a bit of dust blows down through the light, a guy snaps a pic and sells it for $6.5million. Unreal.

  6. Peter Lik is amazing, saw a gallery by accident in NY in 2013. DAMN those photos were printed insanely well and plus they make them work in tandem with lighting in the gallery.

  7. THANKS LIZZIE for sharing your stories! That Alberta shot… SHEESH! Go sub to Lizzie and give her some love! Dont forget to blast her latest video section with Fondue comments ๐Ÿ™‚

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