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Save $2,000 and DO IT IN POST

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  1. Actually Tilt – Shift was developed to remove the converging verticals whey you shoot buildings. Miniature city look can be achieved in many way and is NOT the reason the lens was developed.

    If you know anything about view cameras they have tilt – shift -rise – and falls. That was what they tried to replicate in the lens. Not some toy effect. Go back and read some information from the 70's

  2. I remember doing this years ago when I first got into photoshop and duplicating the layer creating a mask and then abusing the ever loving shit out of gaussian blur…

  3. Others have already made the point that this doesn't include the 'shift' effect which is so useful in architectural photography, but even putting that aside, this 'tilt' blur effect shown here is blurring the top half indiscriminately, leaving the top of the foreground building blurred and compromising the effect.
    Obviously that could be solved in this instance with a bit of masking, but it does show that this post-effect isn't all that versatile!

  4. Some of the best features of Tilt-Shift lenses are what you can't recreate in post IMO.
    Like the ability to correct perspective and do some awesome things with your focus; Eg., focus on a foreground AND background while leaving the middle blurry.

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