Home Photography Samsung NX500 Hands-on – 5D Mark III Killer?

Samsung NX500 Hands-on – 5D Mark III Killer?

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With 4k video capability, a 28-megapixel BSI CMOS Sensor and a whole load of other features that you may or may not need, this Samsung …


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  1. What an idiot. He didn't look at the positive sides of the camera and already showed no interest. Why do a review if you aren't going to enjoy doing it. Its very degrading because the Nx500 is a pretty good compact camera vs the bulky professional cameras at around $500 USD. The NX1 is a great camera too. But after looking at some of this guy's videos. The guy would always recommend the more pricey items over the cheaper ones because he feels expensive stuff are more empowering for the elite . I hate these kind of people. F this guy.

  2. no on board mic kills the buy … πŸ‘Ž would have got it if they had a mic. kinda hard to sync video with anything with no ref track ugh. so close. also, wtf man review it like you do with Canon, why bother if ur going to goof off with it. I seen you give a better review with cameras with less specs. overall the camera would be great camera to do work with but no mic = no buy

  3. Do people put Christopher Niccolls beside you and tell you how ugly you are? No right? But why do you do this with NX500? This 11min Video is all about bashing on NX500 becuase it's not a Canon. Fuck off!

  4. I would never buy a canon too many problems and they are little late for the media and the sony a9 is a killer and the price with the brand name lens do the job well

  5. To all people which have left some comments about the camera, thank you so much! Somehow now I am an owner of this camera and I can learn how to use it properly thanks to you. Past always has some advantages for the future.:)

  6. This is by far the dumbest review I have seen. This aging camera still performs better than most mid-range DSLRs today. Check the sensor ratings on dxomark, and compare those to the shit-holes Canon produces. Sony sensors are good (on Sony and Nikon) but costed twice when NX500 was in market. So penny-for-sensor wise, Samsung was way ahead of the competition!

  7. I'm an avid Samsung user. I have the Samsung "EDGE" like a pizza and the NX mini camera. I have photographed multiple people who prefer the pictures from my boring NX mini camera over an expensive DSLR camera. I also have apple users who prefer using my Edge phone to take pics. I know this review was years ago, but I can tell that you have some animosity towards this android brand. You shouldn't bash a company because they rejected you. Poor sportsmanship. Good day.

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