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Ricoh GXR M-mount Module Review

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Around 2-years on since the Ricoh GXR(http://bit.ly/RicohGXR_A12) hit the market and we’re looking at a module that could save this system. What is the A12 …


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  1. Kai, can you answer why you hate SONY NEX 5N so much? You are a funny show artist, but to hate one of the worlds best quality APS-C cameras is a little bit strange. It takes super clear pictures even compared with a full size sensor camera. And take videos much better the a full size sensor camera. Well, I think many want an answer from your very big SONY hate image.

  2. and…sure you can customize the buttons in the sony to as in the richo. The menu is really easy to learn in the sony to. Come on Kai, just say you love sony;) I know you do.

  3. Im getting this because the price have dropped since and it's all i can afford. Perhaps there are other (mirrorless) cameras better and cheaper? Please let me know.

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