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Ricoh GR V Hands-on Review

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We take a look at Ricoh’s latest digital incarnation of the GR series: the GR V. With an APS-C sensor and a small body, this could be an ideal …


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  1. Spend less time talking meaningless crap and more time reviewing the product.
    I suspect the most hands on you do is jerking off as you admire your narcissistic self in a mirror.

  2. GR D IV is not crap. The smaller sensor makes it easier to get everything sharp. Brilliant for street photography where most of the interesting stuff happens within a 50m radius. But if you want good video as well – go for the V with APS-C sensor.

  3. Would you ever consider ask someone if you can take a picture of them? In advance or afterwards? I find it shows in the picture not only in which moment u surprise someone but also the attitude of the 'artist'…

  4. Is she your 'Matt Granger Tina'? Man, I couldn't stand that ugly bitch! And he used her in so many of his videos. I had to stop watching him. Every other street photographer I watch poo-poos shooting homeless people (and street performers).

  5. the big problem with Ricoh is unreliable, the first GR 1 has failed power supply faulty, after sales service, then buy the GR II there too big problems the objective blocked no way to unlock it so after-sales service, so the GR III more trust

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