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Reviewing Your LANDSCAPE Photography (TC Live)

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  1. I was so surprised that you mentioned me in Chit Chat. It was such a humbling experience. I am so pleased that you have found my comments supportive. I always speak from the heart and believe in lifting people up not putting them down.

  2. Just because Pauline is spreading happy feelings…I thought I'd add some too! I've been obsessing with photography in the last few weeks and all I've been watching non stop on YouTube is your videos! It's the best tutorials out there (and I've been combing YouTube for the best tutorials for a long time now). I just turn on YouTube and let it play non stop. Thank you for everything! You both have inspired me to pick up my camera again but this time with lots of excitement 😊

  3. Hi, please what is full resolution and what size in pixels and mbs are required, likewise for 4k?
    With older or compact cameras it can be difficult imo to increas this and I wonder if there is a Photoshop method please? Fun show. Thanks and regards, Joe.

  4. My dear wife just treated me to the newish Olympus Tough TG870 compact camera, which according to YouTube videos, itself is good for blogs due to flip-up monitor, wi-fi and GPS. So, I opine, perhaps this is about a camera being near to a smart phone whilst still being a good compact?

  5. General suggestion: maybe, since this show is becoming ever more popular, you narrow down the themes a little for the shows. That way you don't get swamped with pics every time.

  6. Tony, by the way, I got my Squarespace account and when I imported my domain from GoDaddy, I was charged $20. When I wanted to upgrade for the full site they said that I could not use the 10% discount.

  7. My friends, is not the timber of your voice that bothers all these people, is the envy they feel of all the knowledge you have and the tranquility you express it with. They are just jealous. Poor people, you know. They cannot be photographers. I don't know what they are doing here. They don't want to develop. Their ignorance is so great that it can be seen all the way to my screen. Ja, ja ja, ja.

  8. Why so much Pentax hate? To be honest I think Nikon and Canon shooters are just mad that they are like sheep. Everyone notices when the Pentax is in the room. Noone cares when they see Nikon or Canon, just another number in the crowd.

  9. hi there,

    i want to know whether i will get equal output or not

    5d mark 3 with canon (16-36mm 2.8 l2 )at 16mm
    Canon EOS 1300D with Tokina ( AT-X 11-20mm f/2.8 PRO DX ) at 11mm

    will i get same wide angle

  10. 1:05:03
    Oh! I had left this last snippet of this episode un-watched until just now. And, there's a mention of me and everything!
    I work as a nature guide for a private company. Being part of a small company, I was able to shape its direction a bit to emphasise more on taking pictures and selling them as part of the tour, as an optional add-on. I knew I wanted to do nature photography, and this was a great way to mesh my interests: hiking in nature, taking pics, and meeting new people!

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