Home Photography Replace the SKY in ANY Photo in 2 minutes!!

Replace the SKY in ANY Photo in 2 minutes!!

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Two Minute Tuesday! We’re rippin’ through how to replace a sky in any photo with a totally different sky using Adobe Photoshop CC. It’s fast and easy! Check it …


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  1. I can not imagine to whom it is intended a tutorial so where what matters is to change the Sky and the light that was shown and denies the light in the landscape does not matter. I do not like the lack of attention to detail that is intended to show.

  2. You are such a con artist…"then drag the sky over to the layers box". How did you locate the sky you wanted as replacement? How did it suddenly appear in the layer column?

  3. Wow I am so glad I found this tutorial, after struggling with sky replacement (especially when trees are present) for years you have made it very simple. I've subed and belled, looking forward to many more of these 2 minute tutorials. Thank you man.

  4. I live in Arizona where clouds rarely come around. Especially today, the day that I finally went out and shot 369 photos. I just got into photography and the day I finally go out, the clouds want to be shy. This tutorial really helped out. Thanks Pete!

  5. Thanks, but your desire to do this in under two minutes leaves some viewers confused and at a dead end. Here's my issue: I mask off my image no problem. But when you scream through four steps in about 3 seconds, I am left without any clue as to how you created two elements to your main layer — one of the image, and one of the masked area. Everything I try ends up with one layer with the mask as a part of the image.

  6. "Grab what you want on top, paste it in its place," Dude. You and every other youtuber has covered this step and I still can't get the layer I'm needing. I know it may seem basic but I've never used photo shop a day in my life. Can you please explain the steps for adding the photo needed to create this layer and the following steps there after.

  7. for those of you confused after the "wow" part: You literally go to the image of the sky in your folder, click and drag it into photoshop (icon) and hit enter when you're done scaling it. Then click and drag that new image layer down so that the first image is on top of the sky layer.

  8. I have been through, and tediously written down the steps, of several sky replacement videos. Each was long and rather complicated, with ok results. This method is by far the best, simplest and quickest of the bunch. Thank you for a great tutorial. Very much appreciated.

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