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Rad Rum Ribs | DJ BBQ & Jamie

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Melt in the mouth ribs covered in a sticky, smokey, spicy sauce… DJ BBQ and Jamie create the gnarliest tasting baby back ribs you’ll ever taste! Basted with dark …


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  1. That's like 2 hours and 40 mins of cooking time + add on half an hour prep. So around 3 and a half hours for some ribs that have hardly any meat on them anyway. Would much rather whack them on with foil off and cook some in 15 mins

  2. eversince i got this recipe from you guy's ive been making this every month when i trow my sparerib parties for my neighbors and they're a huge hit. soft and juicy and full of flavour and spice.. thanks guy's for giving me this awesome dish to serve to my friends.

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