Home Photography Racing PORSCHES through ITALY!! Testing out the Olympus E-M1 MK2

Racing PORSCHES through ITALY!! Testing out the Olympus E-M1 MK2

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Colour Graded with my PM LUTS Pack : https://sellfy.com/p/EaHg/ Matti’s Channel :https://www.youtube.com/travelfeels The Music I use: https://goo.gl/IMZC9A …


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  1. Pete can you teach us how to make composites? The one Phlearn has is unreal and I love that channel too, but I would realllly love to learn your personal techniques. Especially the photo you show with your buddy with the GoPro on his head (in which you said the light wasn't even on, it wasn't even raining etc). Man… awesome stuff

  2. Jump Cuts are becoming very annoying..and boring to the point where I just stop watching videos that overuse this. Every man and his dog seems to think they are cool but just plain irritating.

  3. Hey Peter I was hoping you’d do some car videos because I wanted to ask you about shooting. If we use the 180 rule for general shooting how do we change it for car shooting? Whenever I try to get moving cars either the footage is blurred and if I speed up the shutter speeds it’s becomes stuttery.

  4. i started watching the vlog…and thought: something is different. he looks ill and the sound is crap…then i continued and was like: the image quality is shitty as well…finally i figured out that this is caused by the olympus 😀 oh man your vlog disqualifies the camera

  5. Watching this now! An amazing video. Color correction problems, audio inconsistencies, breathtaking drone shots – You and Matti have taught me so much. As an amateur, it is paralyzing to publish work with people as amazing as you out there- and it is inspiring to see how far you have come in such a short time. You have taught me how to look critically at videos and learn – even more so when I head back to your history. Thank you. You continue to be fun, amazing, and inspiring – especially for the late learner.

  6. Awesome vlog and all that, but which part of this video is an Olympus testing or review? Peter is all Canon, we are all aware, but come on – say something about the camera 🙂

    This is very old now, but still… Just recently watched the actual video on Olympus UK's youtube channel and not a single word from Peter about the actual reason why he was there in the first place :/ 🙁

    Would have loved to hear his actual thoughts about a very good product (Like Mati did in his youtube video version of this trip). Drones, ND filters, cars? C'mon… Shame.

    Not here for flamewars, just expressing my disappointment.

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