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PRIVATE flight over the CITY!

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Episode 17! We took a private plane over the city and did laps around the CN Tower so we could get some epic b-roll footage. What a blast! Special thanks to my …


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  1. NOOOOO. You had a great chance to smash that frozen window, i mean you pull down the windows and smash that ice which was the window covered with. A great chance to end your video. BTW great b-role man. Thumbs up.

  2. That Murphy bed at 02:14 is truly extraordinary! I'm wondering if it was a custom build, or if the apartment came with it already installed. I've got a wall in the second bedroom/study of my condo whee such a bed would be perfect!
    Your friends seem like good people, Peter. We appreciate the bird's eye view of Toronto, and the tour of their very luxurious digs. 👍

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