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Portraits: LIVE Photo Review with Ett Venter

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  1. guy and gals when Kai comes on the show, it will be one of the craziest shows in T&C history ( i hope ) ! Kai is a total blast. im going to submit something totally in honor if his crazy insane unreal personality !! you will love this guy!!

  2. I have Autism and a wheelchair user plus love photography it gives me a voice love event photography could not mix in crowds if it was not for my camera. My legs may not work and my brain wired up differently does not stop me doing what I am passionate about.. It is a state of mind thing… just wish there was a little more support for younger people to get started. In Short photography is a great way to express your self

  3. I don't take portraits but still really enjoyed this and learned a lot. Ett is really quite cool & suave with a killer accent, I reckon if he hadn't been a photographer he'd have been James Bond and If he failed at that and cameras hadn't been invented he'd be a painter, he really is a true artist who uses a lens instead of a brush.

  4. what an amazing guest Ett is. Such a cool, fun and interesting guy. couldn't be a bigger contrast with miserable moose last week. He was hard to watch. Must have been doubly hard for Tony and Chelsea to get anything out of him

  5. Sorry for uploading the wrong theme again, guys (in this case, a duck, because I thought it was wildlife). I swear it's not on purpose D:
    I can't possibly get it wrong next time, though! It will be great to see Kai!

    Now to watch this show 🙂

  6. I've been talking my boyfriends ear off about those shots from Mr Robot for weeks and, as he isn't creative in any kind of visual way, he has no idea why this is important to me! Thank you Ett!!!!

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