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Portrait Photography Equipment | Canon vs Nikon, Zoom vs Prime, which is better?

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  1. you guys rock!!…very engaging conversaton..useful info given out…i have a 5200 nikon  recently got started off with DSLR.
    is yongnuo 565 a good buy  i am planning to do both off camera and on camera flash. i have the kit lens with me 18-105mm.which should be the pocket freindly upgrade as i plan to do portrait and street photogrphy also.. 

  2. Hi- great video and have your book, love it. In 2014, is the Canon 5D classic or Nikon D700 (12mp) still usable for portrait photography? I’m using a crop sensor now, and want to go to full-frame and start shooting portrait and head shots as a small business, and the famous line- “on a budget” applies to me. I am on Facebook, so maybe I should ask there or maybe a discussion? Again, great vid and thanks.

  3. I think Tony is right .. usually, but not always,  people just pick a brand when they start out.  Then they stick with that. That said the Nikon is just a smidge sexier than a Canon.  When I pull my camera out even thought its just a 5100…  people say "wow you have a Nikon!".  Its common knowledge the Nikon is like a beautiful woman… always in demand.

  4. For people photography, Canon is the only choice. The skin tone produced by Canon is simply far superior. This is true for raw or JPG shooting. Remember for people photography our job is to make people look good.

  5. Right, the comparison of focal lengths is just horrible. Either you want to do honest comparison, because you think it is important and noticeable effect and then use the very same pose of the model, or you think the effect is not noticeable enough so it is necessary to exaggerate it with model pose for people to see it. But then it is stupid to argue, that it is important phenomenon.
    I just wonder how instructing the model went in the first two pictures.. "Plese point your neck forward like a kangaroo and chin-up so camera has clean view of your brain through your nose… Oh, and please keep the beawer expression, thats just fabulous" 

  6. Really informative. Just barely starting photography with less than a year under my belt (about 5 events within), and I am meaning to get better and better. I do not have the means at the moment to find where to plug in lightheads or anything like that, so I need things that can travel with me in one bag that I can set up within a matter of 5 to 10 minutes. I do see many other photographers taking their time setting up equipment, however as I am still new to the scene I often feel myself rushed.

    My camera is the Mark III 5D, Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens. That is literally all I have besides the image stabilizer for moving video shots.

    Do you highly recommend the reflector or can I use other moveable lighting to get better results?

  7. Hey Tony! You only have 3 Nikon lens review videos. Can you do more? I wouldn't mind hearing your recommendations on the best value lenses for focal lengths of 24-70mm f2.8 and 70-200mm f2.8. Cheers!

  8. Oh, full frame is a huge difference,, and as far as Nikon Vs Canon, used both and have to say Nikon is better then canon,#1 Nikon has a better dynamic range,  the sensors are better as far as image quality , Don't believe me do some landscape shots with both in full frame and see how the Nikon blows it away.. I have to say Nikon is better then Canon, Unless your talking about portraits, then well they are about the same maybe canon lenses are a bit  better for portraits, but as far as landscape and fast motion like sports, Nikon is the way to go..

  9. Hi Tony. Thank you very much for your channel and your website – I found a lot of interesting information on them. What do you think about using the Sony SLT cameras for shooting portraits? Sony slt a58 + Minolta 70-210 f/4 as the Portrait Equipment within the budget under $ 1,000? If it will be used – it will be under budget of $ 500. Will Sony as good as Canon in this category?

  10. Crop sensor cameras get a lot of flack from Tony & Chelsea, way more than any other reviewers, but the fact is that modern cameras like the ti6 and D5500 take amazing exposures and even (IMO) take more advantage of full-frame lenses. I do love your videos though 😉

  11. When you say 50mm might not be ideal for a beginner (because of some very good reasons you mentioned), is that on a full frame camera? If I get a camera with 1.5 crop factor, the 50mm is really 80mm. So my question is would you recommend I get the 85mm prime lens for portraits considering I'm a beginner (which really makes it more like 120mm) or should I get the 50mm (which makes it more like 80mm).

  12. I have been looking at the Tokina 100mm f2.8 and the Rokinon 85mm f1.4 … Yelp the Rokinon is a manual lens and that could make the difference in good shot and a great shot

  13. Hi tony,
    I have your photograph buying guide.
    I have a 70-200 lens. But i also feel that i need a 85 mm lens for nikon. Should i buy 1.4 or 1.8. I could not get this answer on your book. Will you be kind enough to reply for me. Thank you

  14. I’ve noticed Chelsea always prefers the gear that costs the most no matter the quality. This is fine, it just means her opinion may be swayed by price point.

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