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PORTRAIT photo review + 16" Macbook Pro (TC LIVE)

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  1. Twelve minutes and twenty-seven seconds and we finally get around to the photos. If you have so much information on the MacBook then create a separate video. Rarely do I see you get through all of the photos and around the half-way mark you whiz through them and just pick out the best. What about the poor guy/gal that uploads photos every week only to be skipped over again and again. This is my opinion and worth ever cent of it, but I believe you are trying to stuff ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag. Give this a pick!

  2. Tony! I like your show, but please please please, educate your self before you talk about computer specs….
    It really hurt when you said that the clock was slower… clock speeds have nothing to do with one another if they are different generations.
    Also the ssd comments were off…
    Stick to photography !!!! LoL
    Keep up the good work.

  3. you 'shuffle' your files from a laptop to 'something else' 2-3 times a year? Guys…. how about immediate backups? I'd say: get two redundant NAS and then backup your Macbooks via Wifi. The included TimeMachine is fine…. I'd really recommend getting the files off the computer as fast as possible!

  4. Hello Tony! Off topic… Olympus Channels and fans are not happy with you, they think you are ruining Christmas sales for Olympus and they are calling you all kinds of names. Why do you have to hurt their feelings😭😭😝😝😝

  5. Don't do what he says.
    For the 16" you will want to go to 8-Cores instead of 6, but stay at the base 2.3 GHz clock speed, because most of the time you wont reach that 2.4GHz / 5GHz clock speed anyway.

    But the 2-cores are making a huge difference.

  6. “Get the cheapest GPU…” ummm, what?!
    Look, I hate posting negative comments but that is TERRIBLE advise! I am blown away and disappointed by that piece of advice and it’s a bit off-putting considering others come to you for good advice. And just about anyone that actually works ON computers and truly know what the hertz and chips do, they’ll agree that your advice isn’t wise.
    Leave the CPU alone, get the big GPU, and don’t get the 64MB of RAM. Get 32.

  7. Don’t blindly recommend higher CPU speed before you test it. When Max Yuryev was comparing the older model, the middle tier MacBook Pro performed better than the top one

  8. Thought Tony was suppose to be a computer guy. If he is why would he buy laptops for heavy duty video editing work and then complain they can't do it. At the very least they should be doing their video work on an iMac or even better MacPros. Any computer pro knows that laptops never match the performance of a desktop regardless of the specs of both.

  9. That's why when it came time to buy a laptop for me this year (I already have iMac 27 inch, Ipads, etc) I picked a slightly used 2014 Macbook Pro 15 inch. Cost me $600. Has 16GB of Ram, USB3 ports, and SD Card slot. It has the same Retina display, and you can get various SSD capacities. In fact I like the keyboard feel on that (2013- 2014) Macbook pro better than on my wife's 2018 Macbook Pro. Of course my wife's macbook pro has USB-C and touch thingy, and it is lighter in weight, but my 2014 Macbook Pro is much cheaper and more convenient. One thing about Macs, at least in my case, they may cost a lot but they last a long time. My Imac is 2015 model and it had 4.0Ghz Quad-Core I7. We are in late 2019, and 4.0Ghz is still pretty much top spec…

  10. I'm a noob photographer, just started a year ago, was using a used 7D and few weeks ago it broke. I mostly do wildlife photography, followed by occasional landscape photography. Now, I want to become more serious about photography and learn more, so I threw away the 7D and sold the 2 (not so good) lens I had for it, because I plan on buying a new camera and lens. I have a budget of 800 EUR (for the body) and I was looking at some reviews from professional photographers. Now… Where I live, Yellow Store currently has a huge 2 week discount, where I can get the D7500 for only 700 EUR. The problem is, I hear most professional photographers say that it's not a good camera at it's price point – but now, considering the discount, when it's 700 EUR (+/-350 EUR discount), is it worth buying or would it be a waste of money? Are there any better options at the price point of 700-800 EUR for wildlife and some occasional landscape photography? (Taking possible Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals into consideration.) Whether it's Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pentax, Fujifilm…etc. Doesn't matter, as long as it's the best at this price point, for the type of photography I do.

    Thanks in advance! (Sorry for bad English, it's my third language.)

  11. What seems to be happening is that software is the leading innovator when it comes to photography and not lenses or hardware. I think this is only the tip of the iceberg. I feel that to buy a hardware manufacturer would creat too much legacy issues and infrastructure. To support this I would suggest we look how quickly smart phone cameras are evolving compared to DSLR’s or even mirrorless. My caveat is that if traditional manufacturers like Canon and Sony get with the program and produce cameras with very clever and user friendly software. Currently they are woeful and being shown up my the likes of Apple and Google. Let’s be honest, getting times lapse is hard enough and most camera need a third party bit of hard wear to get some additional functionality. I have an a7Riv and to menu and software is atrocious. Imagine if they said hey, let’s get clever with the software like Apple and Google. Imagine what we could do with our hardware and lenses when combined with software.

  12. The comments blaming you are from fanboys, they are unrealistically loyal to a fault and can’t see facts. This is a dangerous state of mind if applied to other areas of life and society. It shows blinded tribalism which shows an inability to evolve even when presented with multiple facts….

  13. I think it’s worth pointing out that Apple will usually allow you to return your MacBook within 14 days and in some cases up to 30 days ( discretionary) I took my 2019 15” back and swapped it to the 16” Glad i did I’m seeing improvements. Not to mention the extra storage. I opted for 32gb and the upgraded graphics with 2TB ssd. I checked to see if Capture one supported Catalina and it does but I still can’t use live view and sony viewer / edit software is Still being updated. So now I can’t live view tether. if anyone has and idea how It would be much appreciated.

  14. The “Apple Tax” is progressive. It charges the wealthy more in order to make it possible to give entry buyers higher quality laptops than they would otherwise be able to buy.

  15. Never going Mac again… way too limited, compatibility issues, and expensive. They used to be great, but ever since Tim took over Apple, things have gone downhill. Sticking to PC from now on, and never going back. It's night and day with speed, shortcuts, compatibility and easy affordable spec upgrades.

  16. Someone's probably already mentioned this but… Intel don't make a 2.9Ghz mobile i9 anymore. The CPU in the new MacBook is the top 9th gen mobile i9 which is 2.4Ghz with 8 cores, the 2.9Ghz one was the older 8th gen i9 which had 6 cores. This change actually came before the launch of the new 16" one, the MacBook Pro range was silently updated to 9th gen chips back in May this year.

  17. WHY ON EARTH ARE YOU STRUGGLING WITH MACS you complained about every single thing about them, why not switch back. You literally said everything was bad and they were way too expensive then said I’m glad i switched?!?!
    You have officially become part of the Apple fan boy club getting them for no good reason.
    Drives are ridiculously expensive, more than an entire PC, no path to upgrade drives, $5000 Max only $1800 after one year, but your still sticking with them. What the hell?!?!

  18. lol fstoppers also complained about dongles and made 3 videos about it. I find it hilarious that photographers want to torture themselves using these backwards laptops. To each their own, I guess.

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