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PocketWizard to Catch a Pick-Pocket (Flex TT5 & Mini TT1)

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In this video, Kai shows us how easy it is to use the PocketWizard Flex TT5(http://bit.ly/NikonTT5, http://bit.ly/CanonTT5) & Mini TT1(http://bit.ly/NikonTT1, …


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  1. at 3:21 he say "Well, they're not really picking anybody's pocket…" So, perhaps the video needs to be titled more honestly, unless of course they are trying to "steal" the viewer's attention away from the other 5 million videos on YouTube. LOL

  2. I lost a lens cap in Tokyo- in yodabashi(large electronics store) to be exact.. being an American I thought all was lost I'll just go buy another one. instead I decided to go to the nearest cashier and ask to see if someone had found it.

    within 5 minutes my Lens cap and I were re united. not only that it was placed in a small gift bag and Taped shut as if I had bought it. would it have been a different story if it was a nikkor lens?
    I doubt it.

  3. I've been using the Flex TT5 and mini TT1 with AC3 zone controller for some time with a SB 910 and SB 700… I must say its really unreliable. I get more consistent triggering from my non TTL B&H impact trigger than from these units. Many shoot I'll set up my lighting set up for the test shot and … nothing I end up having to remove the batteries and restarting from scratch to get the units to work while praying that it just doesn't stop working in the middle of the shoot. I've heard many good things about the Phottix Odin so i'm just waiting for the shipment.

  4. I have Nikon D700 with TT1, TT5, AC3, and speedlight SD910. I update the firmware for D700, and all TT1, TT5, AC3 already. I can fire the flash, I can switch the flash on or off by AC3, but I can't change the power from AC3, nor my D700 through TT1 and TT5

  5. This is ridiculous.
    I've already found a wallet in a train station and gave it to the lost&found.
    I can't imagine if I had taken that wallet and someone was secretly taking my picture and showing to the world I am a thief.
    If I see a lost item, I would obviously pick it up and not leave it there.

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