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Pinhole Camera vs Sketching – Art Nudes

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Kai gets challenged by the BP to make a pinhole camera (http://amzn.to/1sJ1ug0) and take a good picture before an artist can finish sketching. Pricing …


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  1. i like the pinhole but the sketching was very very good. also you have to know that using a pinehole can be hard sometimes because the more you move the more it will be blurry. its like your seeing the future selves of you and past selves in the image but faded because there like layers. you need to stay completely still while doing this.

  2. They put a person so inexperienced with pinhole photography that it took him over half of the video to put the thing together up against a professional sketch artist? Yeah, that seems fair.

  3. Not sure what the purpose of the video was – certainly it's not setting up a pinhole camera vs. speed of sketching. This would have been a much better youtube spending time of pinhole ONLY. And why are ther epeople in here alluding to nudes being pornographic themes? they are on the wrong planet.

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