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Piers Morgan on Hollywood's hatred of Trump

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Editor-at-large at DailyMail.com Piers Morgan joins ‘Hannity,’ saying that screaming at the president and playing the celebrity card doesn’t work. FOX News …


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  1. Actors imploring people to applaud their rhetorics, or whatever they call that thing they were doing…Despicable beyond measure. Only Johnny Depp seemed to speak his mind…although immensely disturbing…while Madonna and Deniro were throwing a fit, with words taken from cue cards…WTF.

  2. Hollywood is a swamp of left wing democrats who despise all republicans! The rhetoric of these anti Trump show biz idiots is shameful. They scream and shout abuse the whole time! All it does is increase and solidify the President’s political base. As for De Niro, words fail me! He’s a disgrace!

  3. Narcissists that make happy and sad faces for a living. Seriously? Let's separate the moral preening for PR purposes and their banal PC slop called entertainment from reasoned debate!

  4. It is really funny that comedian Deniro MUST READ offensive hate speech about president Trump. It would be interesting to know HO had wrote it to him. And who pays him for his stupidity.

  5. These idiots dont want to hear that the underclass is doing better, they hate that. Most of them use their fake outrage as a way to promote whatever bull crap they are selling anyway. I am quite sure they could give 2 shots about who is running the country. They are rich and extreme narcissists

  6. The problem is simple to figure out. You see, Most of mankind has been going thru a brainwashing for decades where they are now convinced that what was always seen as good, is now bad. and what was always seen as bad is now good. There is now an aggravated hatred and vitriol of truth and honesty. A love of the lie and dishonesty. Notice who so many of these people love. It is the ones who blatantly disregard truth and have shown the most dishonesty and corruption of anyone else. Trump has been open, honest, and has kept his promises. Yet he garners more hatred and anger than any other president in history. I've watched so many video's of liberals, who claim to be the loving, kind, and tolerant ones, make displays of the most vile and hate filled rhetoric of any people I have ever seen. they literally lose all sanity even at the sight of a MAGA hat. Absolute mental disease.

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