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Photoshop Essentials: Layers & Masks

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Download the images used in this lesson at http://sdp.io/lmsamples Layers combine multiple images or multiple copies of a single image. Masks define which …


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  1. Super useful. So much better than many other videos out there on the same subject. And I like the fact that you show your mistakes and also how to fix them so it does not get too polished. Good job!

  2. Which program to purchase? As a beginner I'm confused. I would like to purchase a software package (as opposed to a subscription) Is Essentials the best one to own and learn with for photos and book covers or something else? I am retired and have time to spend on this project.

  3. Just what I was looking for as had same issue with Scandanavian skies. The use of gradient tool was a masterstroke. and the concept of "blending". A good refresher for me on layers and masking technique.

  4. thanks! Whenever I watch one of these videos I'm always surprised by how much I learn and also….how much no matter how nice Tony is, there's a part of me and that both likes him, but also wants to punch him in the face. Anyone else agree?

  5. Thanks a lot Tony, that was so useful ! I've Photoshop together with the Lightroom subscription since more than two years but hardly ever touched it. Now I think I'll use it a lot more often. 😉

  6. I can never get these file links to work, and I really want to. It is a lot easier for me to learn by listening and duplicating than it is for me to listen and immediately apply to a different photo.

  7. Tony thanks– that's a clear explanation for a concept (masking) I've struggled to wrap my head around. Don't know if you'll see this, but I've two quick questions

    1) Mask edge. You used a brush to remove that chromatic fringe around balloon. Is there a way instead to select that black part of the mask, and grow or feather it a few pixels? It wouldn't be perfect, but seems like it could be a time saver.

    2) Density of mask. Let's say you wanted a subtler effect on the balloon– brighter than original, but not quite so much "pop." I think you could paint the mask with a grey shade instead of black, or paint it black using a reduced opacity. Do you see any advantage to one over the other?

    Thank you again for your work 🙂

  8. Tony, I enjoy your videos but by 36 seconds in, you lost me. You had the image displayed and then somehow changed the view of the image to include another image and from there you made a copy. How did you change from having a full image to the part where you had two images and were able to make a copy?

  9. someone please explain if you have 20 layers and masks and need to go and cover something up from one of them. i hate having to go thru one by one to find out which mask i need to erase or add too. do i explain myself? please explain to me or make a tutorial on when to add a layer or a mask. when to duplicate it or all that stuff. i understand it about 60% but

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