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Photography News and Photo C&C #3

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  1. Tony, love your videos, but what about that shirt??
    Sorry, I had to take that out of my system…. Any way, I have been wanting to ask you, do you ship your books to Mexico?


  2. It's an ebook rather than an app, but you can read the ebook in the Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, or any PDF reader. We provide all common ebook formats when you buy it from our store (the first link in the description).

  3. That picture at 12:30 is great! I love the colors. It has that "Hollywood" orange/teal complimentary color scheme going on. By the way, these videos are great guys. They are so natural and are so much easier to watch that someone just reading only off a script.

  4. Why people tend to over-process their pictures? It's really annoying to see so much color vomits! Don't get me wrong, I do like HDR when its not an obsession!

  5. Quick question please. I know better than to turn the focus ring when it's in auto mode, but a friend of mine was looking at my camera and tried to focus it with the focus ring while it was in auto mode. My question is, will this screw up the ability of the camera/lens to get a clear sharp focus? I'm new to photography and I love all your videos.

  6. Easyrider: it depends on the lens. If you shoot canon, and you have a USM motor lens, its fine. Or Nikon and a SWM lens.

    These lenses are intended for full-time manual focus even during auto-mode. For more info, look up USM or SWM.

    If your lens has a "micromotor" or does not support fulltime autofocus, you will want to avoid this.

    Lastly, grab the focus ring. If you feel mechanical resistance, stop turning it. 😛 if USM / SWM and no mechanical resistance then you're in the clear.

  7. Neil Park, thanks for your input. The lens is a canon 55-250mm standard focusing lens. Ido realize that this lens in particular should not be turned by hand unless you put it in manual mode. It still moves now in auto mode, but what I really want to know is, does it throw off the ability of the lens to focus clear and sharp if is turned by hand while in auto mode? Thanks for your help and input.

  8. So I have to buy the book to join the forum. I have enough photography books, and if I want to watch a video, I'll go to Youtube. I realize you have a business to run, but forcing people to buy a book just to get on the community just sucks.

  9. Tealcsg8, Think of the purchase as an entry fee and you get the book for free. Obviously we can all go on the cheap and look for free content on the Internet, so your comment adds very little value to the "free community" . I have an idea, since you have so many photography books, buy the book and donate it to charity. I assume you can afforded this purchase given your chosen hobby…

  10. We're not forcing people. The community is something that comes with the book (as well as 6 hours of video that isn't on YT and one-on-one support from Tony, me, and other readers). For $8.99 I think it's a bargain. Our teaching method seems to work, too. We've seen many beginners go pro.
    I am sorry you feel left out, but our #1 priority is to teach our readers. They invested in us, and we like to make them happy and do everything we can to teach them.

  11. it appears to me that 'third eye'  is replicating the look of old travel postcards–I collect old victorian portrait cards and have seen many samples of the travel cards. Looks very much the same–oversaturated and a little blurred.  However he is doing it–good for him to think of something unique from another era..

  12. I also want to say you do a wonderful job. I have adobe 6-not up to par with some programs-but its nice to see you experiment with color and cropping.  Very nice videos. You have made me a fan.:)  May even send you an image or two..

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