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Philippines Swimming With Sharks

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To start off 2016 right we travelled to the Philippines for 3 weeks touring the islands! We visited Manila, Batangas City, Palawan and Cebu. Our favourite place by …


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  1. I'm here now because I watched Peter's recent Dubai trip with you and you said you went in the Philippines so I quickly searched for this.
    I hope you come visit here again with Peter and I'm curious what Peter will do here! Book it!

  2. Hi Matti! Saw your vid with Pete and i heard from you that you’ve been in our country! And yes! It is! Wow! This video is stunning! Hope you bring Pete here. Kudos to both of you! 😊

  3. I realize now that i watched 2019 your vlog, Matti! Is connection in this old video you made! You already went here in Philippines which is dope to know! Hope you come back and enjoy travel here in Philippines with your family!

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