Home Photography Pentax K-1 Review: The Best Landscape Camera Ever?

Pentax K-1 Review: The Best Landscape Camera Ever?

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NOTE: Rokinon makes FF manual primes for Pentax, too: sdp.io/rokp. All systems have older lenses available, including Pentax, but they’re less sharp. Pentax …


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  1. You can't recommend it for portraits… no shit. It's a rude thing to even think about it. You wrong, young man! Goddamn it… Pentax files… mmm. You can massacre it any way you want it until you achieve the perfect portrait. Especially with vintage lenses. Ask any editor. Pentax AF system sucks, but it's not THAT bad, you're gonna need few hundred shots more per shooting. alright. You can do fun staff with Pentax. Gollum, Gollum. 🙂

  2. I think this review is pretty accurate, but 1. There are plenty of film era lenses for Pentax that are said to be on par with current Nikon and canon lenses. 2. The only reason he said it wasn’t good for portrait was bc of the tethering difficulty. Not the most important feature 3. He only compared zooms. Many pro photographers like to use primes for portrait and landscapes. Will definitely admit that their FF zoom lenses need to be expanded though

  3. When will Pentax/Ricoh understand that their cameras are always going to be 'also-rans' because they NEVER have a worthwhile lens map. And I can go back to K-Mount days and my Pentax MX when I learned the hard way. So, the Pentax K-1 is probably the most expensive because the 'Limited Edition' lenses are stupidly expensive.

  4. Yeah, hooray!!! you made my day! What a smarty move :Buy a new Nikon D810 or Canon 5DS and second hand TAMRON…Yeahaaa!!! :-)… How about Vivitars on them…you will beat Pentax even harder…:-)

  5. If I am buying used, I am buying super cheap lenses for Pentax that are vintage lenses. I can get those for $10 each. I am not joking. Just $10 at auction or second hand store. I dont want to spend $4,000 on used camera equipment because they usually don't have a warranty. And then if it breaks, you spent $4,000 and are left with $0 of value.

  6. This comparison of used lenses for Nikon and canon vs new lenses for K1 is ridiculous. Compare it with used Pentax/Sigma/Tamron lenses. Not all APS-C Pentax-K Mount lenses are not usable in FF mode at the K1. The DA* 55mm 1.4 (500€), DA 50 1.8 (100€), DA 35 1.4 (100€), Tamron 70-200 f2.8 (500€), and all the older ones like FA 50 1.4 etc… and all the Pentax Limiteds can be used in FF Mode on K1 without any cropping. If the Lens is marked with "DA" (DA = APS-C designed lens) does not mean that it is not working properly in FF Mode on K1. You can get the K1ii with the new FA 24-70mm 2.8 + FA 100m 2.8 Macro for 2800€.

  7. The used comparison is flawed. Get used lenses in the Pentax as well and it's still the winner. Besides, screw zooms anyway. You stated in the vid that IQ suffers because of the complexity of zooms, so shoot primes. Pentax has plenty of excellent old glass available. The only time you really need a zoom is for the longer focal lengths because of the reach. You won't have to walk as far to frame a shot properly. In shorter focal lengths just take a step or two away/closer to get what you want.

    Laugh if you wish, but I still have an old Pentax FA 100-300 4.7-5.6 lens that takes fantastic pictures. It's a FF lens and can be had for under $100, and it's obviously a zoom.

  8. I miss my K-1. I am going to go get one again. Selling it to buy an a7riii was a HUGE mistake. I had a 43mm FA limited and never took it off. I snapped about 3500 photos with it and was only unhappy with the shots I didn't compose correctly.

  9. Tony, when u were comparing prices.. why did you compare used Nikon and Canon prices to new Pentax prices….. why didn't you use Used Pentax prices for apples to apples? Good review otherwise. I bought one for Landscapes and Astro.

  10. Tony, Pentax is a niche brand. Users like me have a ton of legacy lenses which will work with the K1. I myself have over 40 Pentax lenses that I have amassed over the past 42 years of shooting. Starting out, Nikon is the way to go used. I have lots of Nikon bodies and glass that I picked up over the years. Hunting for deals on used gear is a sub-hobby.

  11. People always talk about the hundreds of lenses available. Who the hell owns them? No photographer owns so many lenses that they actually regularly use that they would feel like any of these photo companies was offering insufficient amount of lenses. Number of lenses is always a very weak and pointless argument…

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