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Pentax K-1 Mark II Preview: Handheld Pixel-Shift, 36 MP, $2,000!

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  1. "…have never seen before…" With the Fuji S3pro there was a program to upgrade the RAM (buffer would double.) While I confess that is not exactly the same as swapping mother board it HAS happened before…

  2. Being a K-1 user, its a fantastic landscape and studio camera. hands down. But i expected better focusing system, and a usb 3.0, better video quality. Am sticking to my K1. Am Disappointed

  3. You didn't mention the addition of the accelerator unit. This could really improve the signal to noise ratio in high ISO's and other performance as well. It is impressive that it is being released at nearly the same price as its predecessor and that is certainly commendable.

  4. The updates may be minor? But the retail price of the new camera is lower than the mark1.
    Pixel shift is for static subjects , like photographing interior of houses, so why are you attemting to photograph a leaf blowing in the wind.
    Rebadged Tamron you say , except fot the differant motor, lens and lens coating, oh and the Pentax is weather sealled the tamron is not and materials used are differant .What is your definition of a rebadge?

    As for the shortage of glass, surely you should include the crop lens that are full frame compatible.


  5. They have some videos up on their Japanese channel "pentaxplus". Their German and Taiwanese channels also seems to be a bit more up to date. In short, their youtube presence is a mess and all over the place.

  6. How dare you?

    How dare you bring valid points? Do you know how many hipsters will tell you it' s enough?

    Skip Pentax cameras for 2 generations. Either they go bankrupt, or do something to (re- ) attract customers.

  7. For someone looking for a multi use (but mostly landscape/nightscape) and travel camera (will be rving around north america) would you recommend a a7iii,the k1 mk 2 or something else? I like the higher megapixel of the k1 but the sony seems like a better lighter camera for pretty much everything but the MP

    or also a d750

  8. Tony : The ISO change reflects the new Image Accelerator chip, which is what is included on the new circuit board, hence the offer for the board swap for existing customers.
    The Accelerator was first released on the KP, and should also be on the K-3ii's replacement.
    If you get chance to talk to Pentax reps, ask them about getting the Sensor Shift SR turned back on in Video Mode, and getting the HDMI to function properly, and the data rate bumped to at least 50Mbits, and all I-Frame – they're the real issues with Pentax's entire range.
    And yes, that's a K-01 on a dolly in my profile pic 🙂

  9. Yes,… Us Pentaxians who shoot video have been hugely disappointed for close to a decade – they led the world with Sensor Shift SR in Video on the K-5,…. then disabled it "because you can hear it in the videos',…. ( Seriously, noise, WTF Pentax?? Have You Heard The Screw Drive Focus !!, SR made no noise at all in comparison),… and it took SEVEN YEARS for Sony or Panasonic to debut the same technology.
    So, seven year lead, with tech that made the footage look like SteadiCam in 2012, and turned it off. Dumb. (And I love Pentax cameras, so,..)
    Problem is, there is a very vocal "We Want Stills Only" group in the Pentax community, and they deliberately bias any feedback to the head office against getting the Video features brought up to the same quality as our Stills IQ.

  10. 36Mpix is more then enough even for new glasses and this is optical true not marketing…… if you are talking about best new sensor in new nikon or Sony just don't lie they are not even a little bit better… K1ii it's marketing only not real upgrade like all manufacturers always do….

  11. I use my K1, K3, and yes, even the K-01 for astrophotography and they really shine in these areas. Pretty sure we will not see the real K1 replacement at least until May of next year though.

    Ohh, did you see the video where there was a comparison between ISO12800 on the K1 and K1ii? It looks pretty good. Possibly enough for me to send mine in because of how I do astrophotography, and I could use that kind of difference in noise and detail.

  12. Hey Tony, I',m a Pentax K-1 and KP owner, I found you video very good and accurate, I too am very cynical over the Dynamic Pixel Shift technology however I would like to point out one thing. With our current K-1's (and KP's… KP's can PS as well), when taking tripod landscape shots we tend to shoot with motion correction off and correct in post processing using the free and excellent software RawTherapee. For example, in forests with waterfalls and low level light where we are opening up for longer there will absolutely be foliage movement. RT will take away the frames responsible for movement and keep the ones that have none. You end up with an image that has 75% PS and 25% single frame etc. The end result is impressive to say the least, it's like with most things you tend to avoid the 'in camera solutions' and use superior external PP solutions (like how everyone actually uses LR and not the in built camera Jpg tweak features).

    Secondly (and I think you missed the importance of this), where the K-1MkII will actually impressive is with it's superior Electronic Shutter mode (which copies a lot of the KP chip ability). With the KP I can shoot in ES mode, turn View Finder off, use the OVF, shoot in High Continuous mode as well as being in AF.C mode! (Great for church ceremonies etc, I call this mode 'Ninja mode!' 😀 I can tell you that mode is super useful, the ES is virtually silent doing this (KP ES is far quieter than the K-1 in this regard). This tech being ported to the K-1MkII is exciting and something to be more ecstatic about than the Dynamic PS mode imo.

    Having said that the trade in is $700AUD, so I'll be holding off until more solid reviews come in. Buffering is a pain agreed, but I shoot primes and tend to have both my K-1 and KP with me for serious jobs and when I encounter a buffer issue I drop the primary shooter and start taking pics with the second shooter. Jobs that are not serious I tend to not encounter a buffer issue at all (I shoot RAW exclusively).

    Everyone else is free to ask a this Pentax owner any questions and I'll try to reply 🙂

  13. Thumbs up to nearly everything Tony said, but Pixelshift actually works… And I think it's a bit like a Donkey-Punch to say "hey it doesn't work 100% when something in the frame is moving"… Tony, don't do that, you know it's a charm for product-photography for instance.
    And there seems to be a failure in your logic, because the 4fps only is true for certain circumstances…
    Actually Pixelshift uses some perverted EFCS-mode I guess…and in cropmode that cam shoots 6.5fps -it reads out the whole sensor in this time but everything outside the crop doesn't get written anywhere… I guess that has to do with some limitation or restriction to buffer size/bufferspeed so they can reach the 17frames in a row.
    But everything else you said is right… Keep up the honesty… PENTAX needs to wake up before it's too late.

  14. Great review Tony, well done. Like many others, I want to see Pentax stay in the game and keep canikon honest. They are a great little company. But, they seem to get close, then shoot them selves in the foot! With the 645z they totally stole the initiative….then let everyone else catch up. They had a great camera with the K1, but then went TOTALLY quiet. Such a shame….

  15. I think Pentax doing the upgrade program is genius. How many times have other brands come out with new cameras that amount to nothing more than a firmware update for their existing model…Pentax takes care of their owners by giving a lot of firmware updates that actually add new features, and this upgrade program is just a further extension of that philosophy.

  16. The camera does have one absolutely KILLER feature, Astrotracer. This allows you to take long night sky exposure without the stars streaking. Very handy! By combining GPS and tilt sensors, the camera can 'know' where in the sky it is pointed. As the exposure is taking place, the camera moves the sensor in the "opposite" direction of the sky, leaving the stars as the tight, round, bright specs they are. https://www.lonelyspeck.com/pentax-k-1-mark-ii-astrophotography-review/#more-108776

  17. I'm was thinking about getting on of these, but now I'm wondering if I should get the original K-1 instead of the Mark II. Original is still available and $200 less. I hate ambiguous situations…

  18. Actually Tony what's missing likely happening is that it's not stabilizing the sensor and moving by on pixel. But instead using your own handshake to move the sensor and rapidly taking photos in the background without you knowing about it. Then picking the ones that it needs to stitch. They've had camera apps for a while that do this and the new Samsung camera's do it as well.

  19. I truly enjoy all your videos but found this one the most negative ive ever seen toward the pentax k1ii or any camera without actually having the physical camera in your hands, everyone has their favourite camera brands or there would only be one brand, but come on, at least quit scaremongering and just report the facts and changes before you get your hands on one.

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