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Pentax K-01 Hands-on Review

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We take a look at the new Pentax – the K-01 -(http://bit.ly/K-01) designed by Marc Newson. With so many mirrorless cameras around, can this be considered a …


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  1. The mode dial is completely out of reach for people  who like to change modes while they are shooting.  Furthermore, the green button is unreachable for people who have no writsts.  

  2. I was expecting Kai to rip this one apart (with humor) but quite the contrary I think Kai actually get's the point of the camera which is refreshing. 🙂 And I agree with him, the spirit of trying new things in design should never be trampled on.

  3. It's good for the money, but not really that remarkable. You can't really get a better camera that comes with a 40mm pancake lens for only $400 on Amazon. I would still rather have a D7100 or 70D. Even if they are twice as much. I should have kept saving my money, now I am trying to sell it and nobody wants it!

  4. Pentax MX-1 if u want a good lookin, good functioning Pentax Camera :), I have NO clue what pentax had in their head when they created this.. piece. good functions etc are useless when u have such an retarded desgin. Will stick to the k-7 and k-3, and maybe the MX-01 if i want something small in the future

  5. like fuij with the x100s, pentax could have produced something with more retro looks to build up on their rich heritage dating back from the k1000, instead they wasted their efforts on this

  6. You don't shoot this like a regular camera.  You hold it like an old brownie and use your thumb to shoot.  It is indeed a great camera that produced fantastic images.  They should have included an EVF though.

  7. I feel like this is a fair review of the camera. It's a very fun to use camera that has great IQ, though not the best performer in terms of speed. For those who want a cheap solution I'd really recommend looking at this camera.

    It's good enough to really get you into photography, but it's lacking in just the right places to make you want more in the future when you expand and know what you need. This camera plus the Pentax-F 35-70mm would be able to serve any novice amazingly for quite a while, at a very very cheap price point.

  8. im going to grab one of this for $ 200 xD Its a pice of… history and i really like the design. Its not a serious camera but it have the capabilities to take great photos.

  9. Got this in baby blue just for the fun of it. It does a great job as a camera, and gets a lot of attention when out. I still like the viewfinder on my K3, but this is fun. I like the style, many don't, but that's what styles are about. It joins my Q7 (yellow) on the fun shelf.

  10. It’s one eyed sponge Bob. Who ever buy this yellow brick?
    Can’t look at this shit without tears LOL
    …. in fact when you squeeze the shutter button, it will spit water from the front circle shape lens alike. (c)

  11. This camera is so incredibly important at the moment. Nikon and Canon are trying to build mirrorless cameras and have to decide between the existing lens mount and a new one. This camera shows how a mirrorless with DSLR lenses could look like…

  12. Interesting, intriguing. Could I really use my Pentax lenses viewing the image and the exposure info at the same time, in bright light even, instead of struggling to see what is at the bottom of the finder by turning and shading, in which cases the design is not only not an aid but a hindrance? Think they could make something like this to use at waist like an Autocord?

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