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Peak Design Travel Tripod Review (NOT sponsored)

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We review the Peak Design Travel Tripod, which is currently on Kickstarter at http://sdp.io/pd3. We compare it against our favorite travel tripod, the Manfrotto …


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  1. You had me at bloody finger. I was seriously considering making the plunge, but will wait for v2.0 of their tripods. I have the slightly cumbersome BeFree, and while I like the compactness of the Peak Design, there are too many sacrifices.

  2. Tony and Chelsea,
    You guys take more crap for telling the truth than any other YouTubers I've seen. I guess that's the price of being a 1.3M sub channel. With that said, I hope you guys never change because you've saved me a fortune. Thank you.

  3. Good review, and objective too as are all T&C reviews. I have a lot of Peak Design items (backpack, bags, clips, straps, etc), all very nicely designed but in practice all are flawed in one way or another. I do like the look of the PD tripod, but for me it is problematic because there is no pan facility in the head (see KaiW's review at 5'52") and it's too short (I'm just average height). On top of that there are the issues that Tony pointed out, plus to keep it small legs have five sections rather than four so less stability. I currently use a Manfrotto BeFree Advanced as my travel tripod and it ticks all the boxes for me – function over form, and at a fraction of the price!
    PS I have seen some sponsored reviews, and like fan reviews these lack objectivity and are not to be trusted. I believe this review by T&C is impartial, objective and trustworthy.

  4. Great review!

    Tripod certainly has unique value proposition. High price is understandable. Early adopters don’t care about price that much.

    However I don’t think price will stay this high forever. i’m sure competitors are already looking to improve on it and once it is shipped they’ll tare it down and will roll out improved copies at lower price in a heartbeat.

    I’d pay that price for Gitzo legs because of the quality and brand (resale) value but for new tripod brand? Must wait and see.

  5. The price is outrageous and the ball head is big suspect on this tripod. Peak design achieved compact form by choosing three design elements:
    – 5 sections vs 4 on other travel tripods
    – compact ball head that requires to be raised in order to be adjusted
    – triangular legs vs round

    I am not a fan of either of these decisions. Legs and center column are much thinner then on competing travel tripods and it reduces tripod stability. Besides, even fully extended this tripod will not reach eye level without also extending very thin and jiggly center column. Ball head is not as practical as traditional and proven design. And when it comes to carbon fiber, I prefer round legs as they can be less prone to snapping compared with alternative solutions.

  6. I’ve had the BeFree on standy for a while (on your recommendation, Tony/Chelsea), waiting to see if there was another tripod that would catch my eye and this Peak Design tripod looked interesting. But that price…. HOLY SHIT is right. I think I’m going to just buy the BeFree.

  7. The ballhead appears useless and not very practical. Having to raise the center column just to engage the head? Then having to cantilever the camera off to the side for portrait orientation, forcing one to recompose the scene? Really? And forget about panning. Another mistake, as I see it, was not making the tripod fully Arca-Swiss compatible. Most everyone I know uses an L-bracket which makes changing camera positioning a breeze. Sure, aesthetically its a nice looking design…just not very practical, especially considering the price. I wouldn't mind a decent travel tripod, but until one comes along I'll keep making do with my old Gitzo GT2540 and Markins Q-ball. Its not the lightest setup, but its not overly heavy either. But as far as stability goes, its rock solid, even when shooting in water.

  8. My favourite tripod is my $40 Neewer Tripod from Amazon. I have dropped it countless times, down stairs, in rivers, in the sea and this thing still functions. Ok its probably made from a recycled Sherman Tank (the Ball head defo is) as it weighs a ton. But the Neweer Tripod is my best mate!

  9. I'm not in the market for a new tripod (I already have 3), but I watched this after watching the new tripod review on DPReview. One thing you didn't point out (that they did) is that this tripod doesn't raise the camera to eye level, like competing compact tripods such as the BeFree do. That's a significant drawback in my opinion. Anyway, for anyone interested in buying, it would be worth watching the DPReview video with Chris Nichols. They always have informative and entertaining reviews. (As does Tony.)

  10. Stop selling junk
    Stop putting lipstick on the pig
    DSLR’s are dead….just like Medium format film before…
    Remember Bronica, Hasselblad, Mamiya or Pentax?
    Nobody else does either
    Mirrorless is just the 8-track tape version of vinyl records…..still born.
    Start reviewing phone camera technology …. or die like Kodak

  11. The part of flipping it over vertically is mute, even the Gitzo does the same, it only flips over to one side. Befree 300 PD 600 Gitzo 1k. I bought the Gitzo and it broke in 3 days LOL. No replacement at store and rep said I would get a new one in 3 days. Two weeks later no tripod so returned it and borrowed my friends RRS. Worst customer service. Wont get a Gitzo unless I try it for a week.

  12. Peak Design is taking their backers on a jolly good ride. if latest updates on Kickstarter are anything, the backers of their tripod are going to be stiffed big time.

    Especially those of whom ordered for Carbon Fiber model. Without much forethought, they have decided to replace the center column for all tripods to Aluminum while not reducing the cost of the CF tripod under flimsy excuse that Aluminium was better.

    Cannot contain my laughter of how they are milking their reputation and misleading their backers.

    I bless my stars that I landed upon Tony's review back in May of 2019 and resisted temptation of backing the project.

    A big thank you to TONY

  13. Very dramatic Tony… my 1000$ Gitzo also goes 1 way for vertical shots. That tripod can take other plates (I am sure you have plenty) and the locking mechanism is as good as any. I don’t own that tripod by the way.

  14. Following their add in Facebook I order one for $39.99 that was on Nov 6th, 2019. I never got a confirmation for the transaction or a shipping date, from them, I payed with PayPal.Send them a request yesterday Nov 22, and today Nov 23, no answer ….Is this a legit company????? looks I not alone

  15. Good review Tony. I have seen other reviews and they praise this thing too much. I saw that $600 price tag and that was the deal-breaker for me. I'd rather have a cheaper Benro or Manfrotto.

  16. What is your opinion on the Vanguard Alta GH-300 Pistol grip with a shutter bottom built on the grip ? I know is bigger but I like the idea of being able to adjust the lens with one hand and with the other hand able to release the ball lock, move the camera, lock the ball lock and push the trigger all in one movement without letting go of the camera to do all those adjustments.

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