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PARAGLIDING CRASH LANDING ACCIDENT How my first Flight of 2017 ended up in a Crash Landing Fail. ♫Music By♫ ○DJ Quads – I Got A Story …


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  1. Nice video keep flying!

    to completely avoid the lee side I often lose height with slow spirals or small wingovers ~100meters in front of the ridge/landing spot, until I'm actually lower than the landing spot and when I fly back (=with the wind) you'll get the missing height for a landing.
    normally there is enough wind to stay up anyway so nothing happens if you're coming in too high OR too low and you can try it as often as you want without any risks.
    I hope you get what I want to say.

  2. Hey Buddy, like your style of videos. I am a Swiss paragliding pilot and as you are asking for comments, I'll give you some thoughts from my side. Please use proper clothing: Good and sturdy gloves will protect your fingers when you need to grab into the lines (launch, big ears, assymetric collapses). Wear good shoes to protect your ankles in case of a crash. The sneakers you are wearing are really not the best for this sport! Then please do focus on flying, not filming. Paragliding can be extremely dangerous if you are not able to react quickly! No smartphone in hands unless you have very calm conditions without turbulence! Leg loops and riser grabbing were commented on already. Further on, please ask your instructor to explain you how to use the speed system, it is fairly stupid to fly in high wind conditions without the possibility if using the speed bar! And last: Did your instructor explain you about top landing? From my point of view you are way too much back in the lee, somewhere I would never fly! Rather try to loose height in front of the hill and not risking what ocured to you…! Keep it up, train more and have fun. In Switzerland we always wish "happy landing". Cheers

  3. 1. The grip you are using on your brakes is called the "tourist grip" over here in the alps. (it has many disadvantages)
    Right after launch, you should shorten the line by looping it round your hand (watch videos of people flying, there is at least 5 different grip types).
    2. Learn some meteo… Clouds, Winds, Lee-Sides and so on. You should really NEVER be drifting into the rotor. You should always be aware of a danger as significant as a rotor!
    Even if you're out your comfort zone while trying to top land! how many hours do you have total? top landing is normally only attempted with some good ground handling skills and some routine in "flying actively".
    3. Fly actively ALWAYS. If you're doing it: Great! If not: Find out what it is and practice it!
    4.Realize early that the level of education is not on par with Europe and adjust for it!
    – read books (25 ways to fly better is a good start, I read it during basic training)
    – watch instructional videos on youtube… but watch multiple ones for the same thing! not everybody on youtube is a pro, learn from many people!
    – listen to podcasts… cloudbase mayham had many guests that know what they are talking about
    – talk to other pilots… But be VERY careful of what you take on and what you don't… There is plenty of idiots at pretty much every launch site.
    – maybe check out a forum for flying sites, reviews of the glider you ordered (good to know what to expect!) and gear in general…

    You're doing great, keep up the good work! Just get some solid theory behind you! That will make you more secure in your flying! You'll also need it to stay up in thermals! 😉

    Lastly, one saying that I heard and loved:

    Paragliding is the art of anticipating the invisible.

    Beautiful and true! (Even relates to your experience with the rotor! 😉 )

  4. Hey there. Just a tip i feel would be useful for toplanding would be to stay infront of the top you are gonna land on, like on the side the lift is and try to fly low infront. maybe same height as the top and then turn so you fly with like 45 degrees turn sideways into/towards the top. Dont know if you understand what i meant but if do this myself when i fly hang on the beaches in Denmark. fly a bit forwards, away from the lift zone and fall down to the same height as the top. then try to turn 45 degrees or so much turn that you aim for the top. if you are too high, just go forward again, try to get down and try again even lower.

    Remember not to pull too much brakes when landing so that you stall your glider 🙂

    This is a video by me doing a toplanding, kinda my point shown here :



  5. one advice: find a new instructor and take a new course… you are not a pilot yet and you will probably go out of luck and hurt yourself if you continue on the road you are at.

  6. Dude ur so dumb but i freaking love u, i’ts the same with me, ure afraid of something but u fuking go and do exactly that thing ( ure afraid of heights as me and u still do things that requiers u to be high 😂 ). Ur one of my favorite YouTubers right now, funny and great content. Keep it going man. 🖖

  7. This is awesome! I didn't know you flew paragliders too. Are you still flying? Never see any videos like this from you. I free flight and paramotor too. You're the second channel I've been subscribed to where I later found out the YouTuber was a paraglider pilot too.

  8. A couple comments: your leg straps are too loose; STOP grabbing your risers — that is a no-no; hook up your speed bar — you could have penetrated into the wind on that first flight had you had your speed bar hooked up. Check your radio before each flight — pre-flight check, twice. YOU are the pilot, not the instructor. Yes listen to him but on that rough landing, you should have flared a bit before you landed… WEAR GLOVES and BOOTS! Finally, beware of getting into the rotors behind a hill — but I think you learned that lesson. Other than that, I love your enthusiasm. See you in the sky.

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