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Panasonic Lumix LX5 Hands-on Review

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We take a little look at the Panasonic LX5(http://bit.ly/Lumix_LX5), the update to the LX3, a high-end compact that promises performance to go with its diminutive …


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  1. i have both and the s95 is better and produces sharper photos and is better at night.
    i also have a olympus xz-1 and the s95 is better.
    so the best is s95 and then its the lx5 and last is the crapy xz-1 which is pront to lens flare and awb sucks.

  2. I did a lot of research when I was buying a "pro" compact, and looked at both the S95/S100 and LX-5, along with the XZ-1 and X10. In the end I bought the LX-5 over the others. Why? two things, I loved the ergonomics (especially the thumb wheel) and the fact that it has a hot shoe, which is a boon. Having said that, if I did'nt want a hot shoe, then the Canon would be the choice.

  3. Because you won't bring a big DSLR camera with you all the time. I want something that fits in my pocket if it has to. Allot of high end compact camera's won't even fit there. So yeah, compactness can be very important.

  4. Compared against the S95, the LX5 has a very slightly larger sensor, a wider field of view overall (24mm equivalent vs 28mm equivalent), a wider aperture across the entire zoom range excluding full wide angle, and much better external controls. The LX5 is a clear winner here. The S95 is a perfectly serviceable camera and definitely beats the LX5 in the slenderness department, but the LX5 is objectively a better camera. If you don't need the 90mm equivalent telephoto range, the LX3 has a 60mm equivalent telephoto range and is even cheaper, but the video recording isn't as good as the LX5's.

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