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Panasonic GX1 Hands-on Review

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The Panasonic GF series has taken an interesting change of direction ever since the brilliant GF1 was first announced. With the GF2 and GF3 losing admirers of …


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  1. This camera is very solid, premium built to it. We've all taken a picture with flash and we get that bright face with the unwanted shadow from the subject in the background. I find it brilliant that Panasonic incorporated a tilting feature to the flash. Haven't needed to use the flash due to it's strong low light capabilities, but I have tested it. Perfect. In case anyone is interested here is the link to it: amzn.to17Zq7cY

  2. Great photo and great Panasonic camera while maintaining the tradition of releasing great products. I've owned the Panasonic Lumix S-1, now own the Panasonic Lumix FH 8 and plan to soon buy the Panasonic Lumix FZ 60 soon. Panasonic congratulations for the quality of its products.

  3. Hi Kai, Please help me on this one. Currently want to buy a mirrorless camera. I am choosing between fuji x20 and panasonic lumix gx1. Please help me out. I wan to have better color and stability btween the two. thanks.

  4. I still love GX1 better than today's more advanced models. Wish Lumix could just update it with better sensors and a better screen, but keep the exterior.

  5. I've just bought one with a 12-32mm pancake lens. Reason is because it was still cheaper than a second hand 12-32mm lens lol. Looking forward to fiddling around with it a bit. I'll square it up against the Canon G7X mark II for sh*ts and giggles.

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